Indian LCHF Keto Diet - FAQ

How do I register on the site?

Steps are:

  1. Click on Register link on
  2. Fill out all the details
  3. Click on the Register link and fill all details.
  4. Check your email for the verification link. If the mail is not in your inbox check spam/trash/promotion section of your email account.
  5. Click on the link in the email to verify your email account
  6. Done. Your account is automatically validated and active.
What Is The Subscription Charge?

Comparative Service Matrix:

Service / FeaturesChargesTermTracking ToolsForumCaters To Indians*Free Renewal$1081 yearYesNoPartlyNo$300 – $400Monthly for 16 weeksNoNoNoNo$300+MonthlyNoNoNoNo
Intensive Dietary Management (IDM)$4291 yearNo InfoFB*** Group onlyYes through Indian DrsNo
Wildfit 90 day challenge$550-$1,55090 daysNo InfoYesNo InfoNo
Undoctored Revolution$99.951 yearNo InfoNo InfoNo InfoNo
SHARAN’s 21-dayINR 530090 daysNoYesYesNo
Biswaroop – WhatsApp –INR 120003 daysNoNo. Only WhatsAppYesNo$1011 yearNoYesNoNo
Ketogains Bootcamps$83718 weeksNoFB*** Group onlyNoNo$1061 yrYes**YesWestern dietNo (UK)$891 yrYesYesPossibly YesNo
dLife.inINR 14400/ $231.95Life LongYESYESYESNot Applicable

* Indians in India
** This offers what we offer in dLife FoodLog and part of dLife DataLog only.
*** FaceBook is completely free of ads, products for sale, and sponsorship. Yes, we have one member Prabhuraman whose product is being advertised on site for free. Instead, we’re partly funded by the people through membership. Whatever ads you see is internal. Only one banner slot is there on the home page, through which any premium member can advertise his/her products and we have no commercial interests in any of them.


Check following thread on the forum for full details of deliverables:

Paid Access Model – Here’s What You Get

Why We Stopped Free Service:

Transitioning From a Free Community To A Subscription Based Model — Why The Need?

Is There Any Free Trial?

We do offer free interaction for seven days on the community in the the following forum:

7 Days Pre Upgrade Queries – No Diet Discussions

No meals and other forum is accessible under free interaction duration. Since we do not get anything free, giving anything more than what we give under 7 day free interaction will not be possible. Quality has a cost and time is money.

Can Indian Vegetarians Follow Low Carb LCHF Diet?

Yes! Because, we are not beef and bacon centric site. We do not use keto and LCHF reversibly. There are many VEGETARIANS on forum who follow LCHF that we talk of and maintain A1C of 5.6 max. Two of them are even INSULIN Deficient and yet they do not inject insulin.

Links to Vegetarian Recipes:

LCHF Vegetarian

Keto Vegetarian

There are huge number of Indian vegetarian recipes on the forum. More than 50% of 1200+ recipes are vegetarian.


Is there a list of doctors who prescribe LCHF diet?

No, we don’t have any such list as it is difficult to compile such a list. Honestly, with 200+ success stories on the forum, we don’t need to. Based on questions from members, we keep compiling Q&A series on the forum. This keep growing with time as and when we have a set of 10 question per thread ready. You can check the list at: Handpicked By Mentors : Q&A series

However, we have collaborated with doctors and nutritionists who offer one-on-one consultancy, if anyone needs the same. This is in addition to the peer-to-peer support on the community which is the default. One-on-one consultancy is separate from the default subscription charges.

However, we have nutritionists and doctors who follow LCHF/Keto diet and offer One To One consultancy services on additional charges.

One On One Doctor’s Matrix – Part of Composite Plan



Do you have any doctors on your moderating team?

Yes, we do have 4 doctors, 2 certified nutritionists on the moderating team. Please go through our moderating team at the following link Our Moderating Team You can only view the full list n a formatted form only after registering on site. These doctors are themselves following LCHF diet and also recommending to others who are willing to change.

Where can I find details about recipes and meal plans?

Following sections of community all have LCHF meals resources

  1. Recipes, Meal Plans & My Plate, My Blood Sugar
  2. LCHF Breakfast Resources
  3. LCHF Lunch Ressources
  4. LCHF Dinner Resources
  5. LCHF Snacks Resources

We have also started segregation of recipes into groups of 7 (ie one for each day). This is being done only for recipes which have complete ingredients list, preparation method, picture(s) and also MACRO CALCULATION. The ever growing list can be found in the following Forum Super 7 Series – 7 Recipes Collections The entire collection has been compiled based on if the same has been tried and tested by a member on the forum.

On April 21st, 2019 we launched the dLife FoodLog system with 3 components. So all new recipes are now posted in the Recipes component of dLife FoodLogand here’s the URL:

LCHF & Keto Recipes With Complete Nutrition Facts




Do you provide one-to-one or telephonic consultation?

All Per-to-peer interaction is on the forum only.

However, we have a composite plan which include peer-to-peer and one-on-one with doctors/nutritionists. The charges for 3 months one-on-one consultation with doctor/nutritionist is additional and is available in blocks of 3 months. Peer-to-peer is one time payment only as of now.

I have questions on how to use the forum. Where can I find the answers?

No worries. We have been around since August 2014 and hence have compiled a huge HELP series on using the features of the forum. Here’s the link (again you have to be a registered member to view the text in a nicely formatted form): Forum Help

Any different subscription plan for doctors?

No, we have subscription plans that applies to everyone across the board. For doctors, only difference is that once it is confirmed that they are doctors, we will place them on the Moderating Team and that would mean that it would be a never expiring account. We do not have Free Plans for anyone. Everyone has to pay once as we have one time payment plan now.