About Us

About Us

dLife.in came about as a result of one man’s stubborn refusal to be browbeaten by antiquated, conventional guidelines followed in the (mis)management of Diabetes. When you have an antifragile personality that allows you to think out of the box, you engineer your own health and wellbeing. And, that is precisely what Anup Singh did. His personal conviction in the science of Low Carb and his desire to help others struggling with similar challenges, lead him to pioneer the LCHF movement in India and breathe life into this forum. Like minded individuals who personally verified the superiority of this dietary approach came together as a community and have been the tireless driving force behind dLife ever since.

And, dLife.in is growing from strength to strength, backed by a strong Team of Moderators which also includes three doctors and two professionals with long standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry!

Our Mission

As a community it is our mission to spread the message of LCHF far and wide. We proudly stand head and shoulders above the rest as we have become the largest and most active LCHF community of Indians across the globe. We are making history, one spectacular success story at a time. Join this growing movement and be the next success story. Come, be a part of history in the making.

Our Vision

Good health is a blessing that everyone should have access to. Wouldn’t it be nice to envision a future where dietary intervention is the first line of treatment and every kitchen doubles up as a pharmacy? We want empowered individuals who know how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Preventing illness and promoting wellness should be at the heart of health care. A healthy individual is the backbone of a healthy nation. Every one of us after all, is destined for greatness and should not have to settle for mediocrity.

Low Carb Nutrition Diploma Course Is Live

The course is now live and those enrolled are going through the same. Certification from NAAC accredited autonomous institute.

Low Carb Nutrition Diploma Enrollment Started

Enrollment active on the eLearning Platform of dLife.in

dLife e-Learning Platform Integrated

dLife e-Learning platform integrated to launch Low Carb Nutrition Diploma and Certificate Courses.

16000+ Threads & 166,000+ Posts

16000+ Threads and 166,000+ posts on the forum.

14000+ Threads Achieved

Hit thread count of 14000+. Forum growing at average rate of ~9 threads/day and ~90 posts/day from August 21st, 2014.

100 New Recipes In dLife FoodLog System

In 8 weeks of dLife FoodLog launch, 100 new recipes aded. Automated computation of proximates, minerals, vitamins, lipids & amino acids.

dLife FoodLog -- My Food Diary

My Food Diary integrated to dLife FoodLog. Integration with Home Testing of dLife DataLog also done.

Total Recipe Resources Count - 1300

Total recipes count on the forum reached 1300. Approximately 55% recipes are vegetarian, making LCHF/Keto easy for vegetarians also.

Progressive Web App -- PWA -- Activated

Although site is responsive right from 2014, we activated PWA for native app like experience.

dLife FoodLog -- Integrated Recipes Posting

Added integrated Recipes posting with automated computation of proximates, minerals, vitamins etc.

dLife FoodLog -- Nutrition DB Admin Integration

Integrated admin control for adding Nutrition facts database. Added close to 200 missing items from NIN Hyderabad data.

dLife FoodLog -- Nutrition Facts Database

Launched dLife FoodLog with Nutrition facts database of 8000 items. Includes USDA and NIN Hyderabad data.

Data Sharing -- dLife DataLog

Provision of sharing dLife DataLog data with a user group or a given set of users added to dLife DataLog.

Front End Site

Launched the front-end of the site to move from being just a forum to a full-fledged community site.

Auto Reply To Intro Thread

Auto reply to Intro thread, containing links to get started. Helps in getting to most important sections of the community.

Auto PM to Member On Upgrade

Automated Private Message with important instructions and details to help get started on interaction & access to contents.

Referral Marketing Module

Custom-built Referral Marketing module was integrated.

Report Vault - dLife DataLog

Provision to upload a maximum of 20 PDF files of 5 MB each was added to the dLife DataLog module.

Premium Members List

This feature was implemented on request from one of the Premium members.

Paid Model

Forum was switched to Paid Model and was under beta testing till January 2nd, 2018 midnight. Stable, thereafter.

dLife DataLog

Before switching to PAID model, we decided to integrate a custom mlog & track utility that we called dLife DataLog.

PayuMoney Gateway Integration

Before switching to Paid model, we integrated PayuMoney.com payment gateway to the forum to handle online payments in Indian currency.

Forum Launch

dLife.in Forum was launched on 21st August 2014, with bare minimum content.