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dlife.in – the only award winning platform that focuses only on Indian Low Carb High Fat – LCHF & Ketogenic – diet to manage / reverse diabetes. If you are looking to facilitate getting back to non-diabetic numbers, effortless weight loss, reduce inflammation, improve lipids and reverse PCOS or general parameters related to metabolic syndrome, your search ends here. We make a clear distinction between Ketogenic and Low Carb High Fat – LCHF – diets and do not use the terms interchangeably. We treat them as two separate entities – the Indian Low Carb High Fat (or LCHF) and the Ketogenic diet. This demarcation between LCHF and Ketogenic diet right from the stage of inception has cleared a lot of confusion for many beginners. As a result, we have 250+ success stories of diabetes reversal, weight loss, etc on an what we call Indian Low Carb High Fat – LCHF – diet, tailor-made for Indians. Take a look at a few of the 250+ success stories on Indian LCHF diet, or click the JOIN button below to be the next success story:
The phenomenal success of Indians from across the globe battling Diabetes and/or Obesity on Indian Low Carb High Fat – LCHF & Ketogenic – diet, brought us International recognition and acclaim. We received rave reviews from leaders and stalwarts of the Low Carb High Fat world. To see dLife.in being spoken of in such glowing terms, makes all the hard work and sincerity put into this project worth-while. It is with immense pride and satisfaction that each person at dLife.in acknowledges the warm wishes of the international community. It is indeed gratifying that path-breakers of the Low Carb High Fat community fully endorse and back our effort in spreading the message of Indian Low Carb High Fat – LCHF & Ketogenic – diet to Indians from far and wide.
Our pride and joy, the Recipes Section – with a bespoke collection of Indian Low carb High Fat — LCHF & Keto — recipes and meal plans is entirely comprised of tried and tested contributions from our esteemed members. One of the key reasons for our stupendous success in delivering one success story after another, is that we did not rehash the western Low Carb High Fat diet or meal plans. India’s consumption of meat is one of the lowest in the world; it is difficult, if not impossible to incorporate Western standards into our diets. We re-imagined the LCHF/Keto diet in an Indian context, and fine-tuned it to cater to Indian sensibilities. The journey for new members is made easy and enjoyable as we have a huge collection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes which are entirely Indian in flavour. Whether you are looking for vegetarian Indian LCHF breakfast, non-vegetarian Indian ketogenic diet recipes, or South Indian vegetarian LCHF meals we have it all covered. Our collection of Indian Low Carb High Fat — LCHF or Ketogenic — recipes is 1250+ strong and ever growing. Our members make sure that there’s always something new and exciting to try out at dLife.in. Yes, we make life just that bit easier.
Diet Is The Key

The world we live in has woken up to a health crisis. Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS have assumed pandemic proportions. Wrong dietary guidelines from sources we trusted pushed us headlong into a healthcare nightmare. Vested interests following the money trail made sure that people got sick and stayed sick. What started with diet, can only be corrected with diet. Diet is the key. You simply cannot outrun a bad diet – not with hours at the gym, jogging, cycling, walking etc. Eating is a necessity, but eating well, is an art. At dLife.in you will learn the secrets to mastering that art form. Eating less, going hungry and feeling perpetually deprived do not help and do not make for a life well lived. Eat smart: make healthy dietary choices the Low Carb High (or Healthy) Fat – LCHF way and celebrate your way to good health. Slipping into Ketogenic diet is not a compulsion but an option on dLife.in. This is why we have over 250+ diabetes reversal and weight loss success stories of Indians to boast of.