Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar — dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration

dlife datalog dlife foodlog data tracking 1170x650 - Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar -- dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration

We at have many firsts to our credit. Notable one’s being:

  1. Only Indian diabetes community that solely focuses on LCHF & Keto diet for Indians across the globe.
  2. We clearly demarcated LCHF and Ketogenic diets and do not use it interchangeably as most western sites do.
  3. We did not rely solely on the beef, bacon & eggs diet, catering to the needs of our clients, a big portion of whom are vegetarians. We never believed in just rehashing western beef-bacon-and-eggs dietary recipes to the Indian context. Vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and non-vegetarians — everyone will get countless recipe options. The only dietary habit we do not support is “Veganism”,  and in hindsight we find that to be a good decision. LCHF or Keto diet beats Vegan diet hands down.
  4. We were the first Indian diabetes & metabolic syndrome community site to have integrated a set of 7 tools under dLife DataLog in 2018. We called it the “Magnificent Seven” as visible on the homepage of the site.
  5. In 2019, we went ahead and integrated what we call dLife FoodLog with three subcomponents — Nutrition Facts database, integrated Recipes posting module, and My Food DiaryNow, all recipes are posted using the dLife FoodLog utility exclusively.
  6. In 2019, we integrated the My Food Diary of dLife FoodLog with the Home Testing component of dLife DataLog.
  7. In 2019, we went ahead and enabled Progressive Web App, again something that not many diabetes-centric forums around the world have done yet.
  8. The only Indian diabetes community platform to have clocked 200+ INDIAN success stories.
  9. One of the largest collections of member contributed Indian LCHF & Keto recipes catering to vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, and non-vegetarians.

All along, the primary focus has been to stay ahead of the curve and not just be yet another face in the crowd of online forums. This is the reason that what started as a 3 member forum with barely 100 posts on 21st August 2014, has now grown into a powerful community of more than 160,000 posts as we speak and keeps growing on daily basis.

Empowering Members — Log & Track Variables

With My Food Diary and Home Testing components integrated, the steps to start tracking begins with punching in data for My Food Diary. Once the meals for the day are punched in, the My Food Diary home page and detailed page would be as shown in the screenshots below:

My Food Diary Home Page:

food diary home 1024x302.png - Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar -- dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration


My Food Diary Detailed Page for a given date:

post bgl home testing integration 1024x461.png - Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar -- dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration

As shown in the screenshot above, each meal has a button to post blood sugar level. Clicking that will take to Home Testing component for that date and meal and the macros are pre-filled. All you would do is punch in the blood sugar readings and save. Then, the blood sugar reading is also displayed on the My Food Diary detailed page for the given meal, as shown below:

food diary with bsl 1024x477 - Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar -- dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration

Two Way Integration

Home Testing and MY Food Diary integration is two way. This allows for easy updates in case a mistake in data posting for the meal was to be corrected later. All that one would need to do is go to the Home Testing component record for the date and meal, click on the EDIT button and then click the Select from food diary orange button, as shown below, and save. This would update the macros on Home Testing also.

home testing food diary integration 1024x305.png - Tracking Macros and Blood Sugar -- dLife DataLog & dLife FoodLog Integration

What About Other Variables?

dLife DataLog has following seven components:

  1. Home testing of Blood Sugar
  2. Exercise & Calorie Burn Log
  3. Lab LIPIDS Panel: Logs report of LIPIDS tests.
  4. Lab LFT Panel: Logs report of Liver function tests.
  5. Lab KFT Panel: Logs report of kidney function tests.
  6. Lab Diabetes Panel: Logs report of diabetes panel.
  7. Brief Case/Report Vault: Offers 100MB space to store up to 20 pdf files of 5 MB each. So, members can upload their pdf reports and never be bothered about losing them ever.

So, as evident, the utilities from 1 through 6 above allow members to log all data and then track them over any period of time. The seventh utility is provided so that one can also check for other variables like vitamins, minerals, thyroid panel, etc.

What Next?

This has been clearly spelt out in the third phase of custom features integration, as posted on the forum. Click the Join Now button below to know more


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