Two Support Models For Indian LCHF Low carb & Keto Diet

support 1170x650 - Two Support Models For Indian LCHF Low carb & Keto Diet was launched just as a community on August 21, 2014. It was a free community for over three years. But, the free model did not serve the purpose, and we took the tough decision to make it a paid service. We switched to paid model with just one annual subscription plan In January 2018. However, as we learned about the specific needs of the users, we added one more support plan.

Finally, in early 2020, we decided to do away with all annual subscription plans and made sure that once a user pays, they never have to pay again for requiring hand-holding support or having their queries addressed. They can even come back after two or three years if they need some help. Normally, in three to six months we get the diabetes numbers down with a reduction in medicines/insulin.

We normally aim for an A1C of 5.6 max. However, that depends on how diligently a member follows what is told to him/her. Weight loss goals are time-dependent and the duration would depend on how much body fat is to be lost. Normally, we aim for 2 kg/month weight loss wherever applicable.

Before 2020, we were having annual subscription plans. We are detailing the deliverables in the two support plans that we have for any member who joins We are thankful to all the members who wholeheartedly supported the paid support model.

Without upgrading to any of the two available one-time payment plans, there’s nothing that can be accessed on the community side and no help is possible. The savings from the reduction in medicines/insulin and achieving better A1C more than pays for the ONE TIME subscription charges.

Community Support Plan:

This is ONE Time payment support plan and all help is provided on the community. The more you interact and update progress the more we offer help. In brief, this includes the following:

  1. Tweaking diet plan and helping to transition to Indian LCHF diet.
  2. Access to all the recipes (more than 1000+). 500+ have all the macros calculated so you do not have to worry about macros. The recipes are not some rehash but actual ones that have been tried and tested by members who post them.
  3. Helping on tapering off drugs wherever necessary.
  4. Guidance on supplements.
  5. Access to dLife data logs to log your numbers. Since we only have a one-time subscription, all the data is always accessible for as long as you want to access it.
  6. 100 MB storage to store soft copies of your reports.

Since it is a one-time payment plan, you can come back anytime to ask for help. For example, Madhukar came back after two and a half years for guidance and he was quickly offered help to have his numbers back in control within less than a week.

So, you just pay once and never pay again. Current discounted ONE-time Charges: INR 24000.00

Community + One On One Support

This plan was added in 2021 as many members wanted one-on-one support initially before switching to participating in the community. This again is a one-time subscription plan where for three months you get one on one support with a low-carb nutritionist. The details of deliverables are listed in the following article:

Comprehensive One-on-One Support Low Carb Nutritionist

Current ONE Time discounted charges: INR 39000.00

Zero Cost 6 month EMI Payments

All our plans across the platform come with 6-month ZERO cost EMI payments on 11 Indian credit cards. 

With 250+ Indian success stories to boast of, you can be sure that there’s no parallel in the Indian low-carb space.

How To Become A Premium Member?

Steps involved are:

  1. Register for an account on
  2. Verify the email address by checking your email for a mail from and follow the instructions there to verify. Without verifying your email, you cannot proceed futher.
  3. Once your email is verified, click on the Upgrade Account link on
  4. Of the first two support plans, click on the Purchase button for the plan that suits you. The first READ ONLY PLAN has no support.
  5. Complete the payments online using Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet or Netbanking.
  6. As soon as your payments are through, your account is auto-upgraded and you will get a private message on the forum.
  7. Follow the instructions in the private message to post your intro in the relevant forum and your journey to good health begins. Members and moderators will start replying and hand-hold you at every step.

Contact us for more details and have your concerns addressed personally. Better days are coming, we wish everyone great health and happiness!


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