Low Carb Nutrition PCOS & OBESITY – Certificate Course

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India’s one-and-only award-winning Low Carb platform – dLife.in , brings you two new Certificate Courses this month. After the spectacular success of our Low Carb Nutrition Diploma course, dLife.in is now introducing a Lite version, with Certificate Courses addressing two specific metabolic disorders: PCOS & Obesity, and CardioDiabesity.

An estimated one in five women in India have been diagnosed with PCOS. An ever-growing segment of our society is heaving under the double burden of PCOS and Obesity. Despite its prevalence, management guidelines for the condition are still very basic. A common refrain is, “I have PCOS, but my Doctor said there’s nothing much they can do about it.” Other than a vague and dismissive “Losing weight might help”, there is very little active intervention on offer today.

A good understanding of PCOS / Obesity requires very specific training and knowledge on how the condition develops and how it can be managed and/ or reversed. These are complex multi-factorial conditions that require in-depth study and analysis. Today, we are fortunate to have very effective, non-invasive methods that can ease or even reverse these conditions swiftly and efficiently. This Certificate Course from dlife.in arms you with the training to help yourself and/ or others dealing with similar challenges.

In this Certificate Course, you get introduced to Anthropometry and Dietary guidelines. You get to delve deeper into the world of Nutrition and learn to decode the synergy of various hormones in our body. There are dedicated sections devoted to PCOS and Obesity that help you understand the disequilibrium leading to either or both metabolic states. You learn to factor in Stress management, Supplements, Intermittent Fasting, and Exercise to make that metabolic equation work in your favor. You also discover the world of tasty, delicious, and nutritious food, recipes, and meal plans that will ease you gently into this lifestyle. We go all out to make sure there are no gaps in understanding between the theory and practice of Low Carb Nutrition.

Our extensive and exhaustive training in Diet and Lifestyle modifications to manage PCOS and Obesity empowers you to make informed decisions and implement timely interventions. Your training offers you the opportunity to use your expertise to help others people struggling with these conditions. . Improving metabolic health and staying disease-free at any decade of your life is no longer a wishy-washy dream. Vibrant good health for every individual at every age is a goal we are constantly working towards.

Certificate and Diploma courses offered by dLife.in carry complete legal tenability in India and more importantly, do not carry periodic re-certification clauses. The certificate course certificates are issued by our NSDC partner in India while the diploma course certificate is issued by NAAC Accredited Autonomous Institute in India.

The course is completely online and delivered on our e-learning platform. You will have unlimited access to all the study material. The course is self-paced and can be completed from the comfort of your home, with mandatory quizzes that test your progress periodically. The minimum educational qualification to enroll for the certificate course is 10+2. The certificate courses can be completed over a period of 2-6 months. The course also includes an internship program on the dlife.in community forum for a period of two weeks.

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