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tim noakes 1 - What A Pleasure To Review dLife.in - Prof. Tim Noakes

What a pleasure it has been to review your platform, the goal of which is to promote the low carbohydrate message to the Indian peoples. As we are both only too aware, South Africa and India both have unacceptably high rates of type 2 diabetes; rates that are only increasing day to day.

As a person with type 2 diabetes – caused by 33 years eating the high carbohydrate diet that I was informed by the experts was “heart-healthy” and despite being physically active – who has since converted to the low carbohydrate diet in December 2010, I am proud to be able to report that my diabetes is now in remission; my blood glucose results are now impeccable especially for a 69 year-old! It took me 7 years on the low carbohydrate diet to achieve this result but in the end, all the hard work was definitely worth it.

My personal experience and the growing body of scientific evidence now shows that type 2 diabetes is a disease of choice. It results from the food choices we make on a daily basis. If those food choices are high in sugar, carbohydrates and industrial “vegetable” oils, then our chance of developing diabetes is high.

But the good news is that if we avoid those food choices and instead eat real foods low in carbohydrate and higher in fat and protein, we can prevent the condition from every developing in the first place. And as we now know. even if we have developed diabetes as a result of bad food choices, we can still put the condition into remission if we change those choices.

The beauty of this platform is that it allows the free communication of the experiences of thousands. It is this collective wisdom that will ultimately turn the tide and reverse the diabetes epidemic around the world.

I wish you all better health and freedom from diabetes as a result of the shared information that you will find here.

Best wishes,
Timothy Noakes

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