1000+ LCHF & Ketogenic Diet Recipes For Diabetes & Obesity

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WE went live with the community on August 21st, 2014. Since then, we have grown in content all around, including recipes. The focus has been on that as the biggest problem with usual LCHF recipes is that it is not catering to Indians and one has to hunt which one to pick for trying. That means one has to spend a lot of time hunting through the huge list that search would throw up.

Our community has over 1000 recipes and we are now focussing on Recipes with complete details like:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Preparation method
  3. Macro calculations
  4. Pictures of the actual recipe as taken by the contributing member on the forum.

This collection has grown to 175+ in a short span of about 8 months. We are also segregating them into collection of “7  series” — Super 7 Series. Few quick links to different  meals/recipe sections on the community are:

  1. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/super-7-series-7-recipes-collections.98/
  2. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/recipes-meal-plans-my-plate-my-blood-sugar.72/
  3. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/lchf-breakfast.9/
  4. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/lchf-lunch.10/
  5. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/lchf-dinner.11/
  6. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/lchf-snacks.31/
  7. https://www.dlife.in/forums/forums/my-todays-meal-in-pictures.81/

On this section of the site, we will be posting few from the collection above with macro details.


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