Go dLife.in – Greetings From Fat Emperor!

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Hi everyone – busy traveling around the place in past weeks, but finally got to post here.

Discovered dLife.in forum just a few weeks ago, after enjoying countless insightful tweets on Twitter. The resources here on the website are nothing short of excellent – great job and well done!

The recipes look delicious, even though sadly I hardly have time to try them these days – oh well. The many threads are stuffed with excellent support information, and with great people contributing all the time.

The #LCHF revolution is gaining pace all around the world – make no mistake about it. I just got back from conferences in Prague and also London, while in a couple weeks I will be at ones in Zurich followed by Texas.

We are well on our way to awaken the masses – and it is superb to have such an excellent resource in dLife.in available for all the people of India and more yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Go dLife.in - Greetings From Fat Emperor!

Here’s my latest talk from Prague, free to enjoy as always:
– as a community we are very much in alignment on the science, and will grow in numbers to finally save the people from unnecessary diabetes !

Keep up the great work guys!


Ivor Cummins
AKA The Fat Emperor

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