This is a Great Low Carb Site for my Patients who Have Immigrated From India – Dr. Eric Sodicoff

esodicoff - This is a Great Low Carb Site for my Patients who Have Immigrated From India - Dr. Eric Sodicoff

There is no doubt that Obesity and Diabetes rates are rising across the world. The USA has been (unfortunately) in the lead in this trend but I am sorry to learn that India is fast catching up. I Live and practice medicine in the USA. I have been a doctor since 1996. 20 years later, in 2016 I became an Obesity specialist too. It became clear that Obesity is an epidemic that is being under-treated in the medical community. Once I became interested in Obesity, I quickly determined that low carb is the clear choice for treating it with diet.

I am constantly looking out for resources that my patients could use to help with the transition to the low carb way of eating. I added this website to my list of recommended resources a few months ago. There are quite a number of my patients who are immigrants to America from India. Just like Americans, they are also frequently affected by the Diabesity epidemic. While I consider myself an expert on Low Carb I am no expert in vegetarian low carb and I am really no expert in Low Carb foods that would be appealing to my Indian patients. I recommend this site to them. There are hundreds of Indian style vegetarian/Low Carb recipes for all meals and snacks.

I love the DataLog. That allows people to enter their vital statistics and labs and track them over time. There are threads where people report there successes and failures and other members of this community can respond back with words of congratulations, support or give helpful pointers. I find that having a supportive community is important when making a this change in lifestyle.

I wish this site grows & flourishes and helps get the Low Carb message out to the many millions of people in who are in need of guidance.

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