Amarjiet’s Diabetes Success Story on Indian LCHF Diet – A1C 9.9 to 6.0

Indian LCHF diet diabetes reversal success story

Amarjiet’s type 2 diabetes history runs into 14+ years. His intro thread, posted on 8th May 2018, is here. Nothing surprising to find:

  1. A1C; 9.9%
  2. FBS: 185 mg/dL
  3. PPBS; 215 mg/dL
  4. Cholesterol: 142 mg/dL
  5. Triglycerides: 118 mg/dL
  6. HDL: 35 mg/dL
  7. Weight: 94 kg.


Details Of Medications:

  1. glycomet gp2 forte 1gm twice
  2. Lantus 30 units at night once
He already had run into problems with the eyes and had undergone laser procedures. All that he got was, keep increasing Lantus dose and yet no respite from bad blood sugar levels. However, his dedication to keep updating his intro thread from time to time and tweaking diet, changing insulin dosing and medications his final update had the following numbers:
  1. A1C : 6.0 %
  2. Weight: 84 Kg
  3. Medications : Metformin + Actrapid + Lantus
He has the following concluding remarks on his success story thread, posted on September 19th, 2019:
It has been a long journey since then. Guidance from members who have been there and done it was always there. Learned that i was on wrong insulin and diet. Also, was told that once on insulin, avoid any sulphonylurea drugs. Took me a while to grasp the concept and also change my insulin dosing to basal + bolus regimen. Learned how to count carbs and dose bolus based on that from the guidance of members on the forum.

Started logging my food, basal and bolus insulin doses and numbers. Tweaked from there and finally, my recent A1C touched 6.0 with Metformin and Bolus + Basal insulin dosing. My weight also declined. I know, it is a long way to go regarding weight and hitting the desired A1C of 5.6 max. Having come down from 9.9 to 6.0, weight declined from 94kg to 84 kg, a large part of journey is covered. Now the final push.

Bottom line is simple: Follow the low carb diet, count your carbs and stick to LCHF diet and monitor blood sugar.
Last, but not the least, thanks to everyone who patiently helped to get to the A1C level that I have attained. has been a great help.

Congratulations Amarjiet for having done what would definitely seem impossible for any mainstream expert who pushes the high carb low-fat diet even to diabetics. Not far from the final target of A1C 5.6 max. Just around 12 points reduction in eABG needed.
Image Credit: Provided by Amarjiet, with permission to use across our network of sites.


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