250+ Indian LCHF Low Carb & Keto Diet Success Stories For Diabetes & Other

success stories 1170x650 - 250+ Indian LCHF Low Carb & Keto Diet Success Stories For Diabetes & Other

dLife.in was launched just as a community on August 21, 2014. It was a free community for over three years. But, the free model did not serve the purpose and we had to take the tough decision to make it a paid service. We switched to paid model with just one annual subscription plan In January 2018. However, as we learned about the specific needs of the users, we added one more support plan. So, currently, we have two support plans and both are ONE TIME PAYMENT only plans. No renewals.

LCHF & Keto Are Different Domains

On dLife.in LCHF and Keto diet are two separate domains. As in the following interview with the prestigious Outlook Magazine, the founder of dLife.in, Mr. Anup Singh underlines why the western low carb won’t work out of the box so an India specific “template” had to be created:


Did the PAID Model Work?

Yes, it did. With 250+ Indian success stories, there can be no doubt about this. We do have our share of failures — 2 in number. But, that’s a small number considering that 250+ have succeeded. This includes vegetarians also and the age demographics encompasses 7 yrs to 77 yrs. Of the 250+, 69 are shared with real names and photos here.

Quite sometime back, we did a comparison of our data with Barnard’s Vegan diet for diabetics and the details are covered in the following article:

The Sweet Science of Diabetes Reversal – Low Carb High Fat Vs. Vegan

As already covered, our support plans are ONE TIME payment plans. We do not have annual subscription plans as we are confident of delivering success as long as members follow what’s told to them.

What Else besides Diabetes?

Besides getting diabetes under control even with the reduction of medicines/insulin, the following cases have also shown normalization:

  1. Weight loss. The highest weight loss is around 40 kg.
  2. GERD. The most chronic case was with 2 decades of GERD history. All GERD medicines stopped in two months.
  3. Fatty Liver fixed. There are many cases of conked-off LIVER enzymes getting to the normal range. The most extreme case was Grade 3 liver fibrosis which was fixed in about 3 months.
  4. Hypertension cases. One extreme case of being on four antihypertensive drugs went off all drugs.
  5. One case of PCOS is fixed.
  6. One case of being on multiple psychoactive medications.
  7. Improvement in Kidney function numbers.
  8. Halting progression of AMD

and a lot more. Basically, anything related to hyperinsulinemia gets back to normal numbers unless a point of no return is reached.

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