Indian LCHF Keto Success: Peter Lobo 25yrs Diabetes History Drops 50u/day Insulin

peter lobo - Indian LCHF Keto Success: Peter Lobo 25yrs Diabetes History Drops 50u/day Insulin

Peter went off 50 units/day insulin in less than two months on shifting to our LCHF diet program Before this, he had tried some vegan program through some doctor in PUNE and found it extremely frustrating and ineffective. There he could barely reduce the insulin from 60u/d to 50 units/day and always felt hungry through the day.

For all of us on it is such a pleasure to see such success stories, and it has now become more of a habit, given the fact that we have 250+ such success stories on our platform.  Well done Peter! Your story will inspire many. You signed up on, paid for seeking support, and followed the “easy to follow” instructions. Your achievements are there for everyone to take inspiration from.

Peter’s success story podcast on Jun 13th, 2021 is also included here, but before that an excerpt from his success story posted by him on the forum:

“I am a type 2 diabetic for the last 25 years and I am 58 years old, I have been on insulin to about 60 units a day, in my past years I had joined many programs but little success, and I was never satisfied, then on September 20 I joined DLIFE and everything changed as my life as LCHF diet made a huge difference and in a week my sugars were almost normal, medicines reduced, and I was feeling more energetic and very happy about my sugar levels were at an average of 130, then in between I went astray and my sugars plummeted high again so I came back here and here I am back to almost normal as within 3 days I was back to 130 average.

I strongly recommend DLIFE and their LCHF diet mainly because it’s an Indian approach and the diet is based on what you get in India, special thanks to the moderating team, Shashikantiyengar, Anup Singh, and Arun Kumar who would get back to you with any queries immediately.

I don’t use insulin anymore since September 2020

Peter Lobo”

And, here’s the video. He had connectivity issues, so latter part he was only on audio.


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