dLife.in – Indian LCHF Keto Diet Platform With Unparalleled Tools & Utilities

Indian LCHF Low Carb Keto Community With Unparalleled Tools & Utilities

dLife.in was launched just as a community on August 21, 2014 — focussing on the Indian LCHF diet for managing diabetes and metabolic syndrome disorders with its roots in “hyperinsulinemia”. It was a free community for over three years.

But, the free model did not serve the purpose and we had to take the tough decision to make it a paid service. We switched to paid model with just one annual subscription plan In January 2018 — almost 40 months after launching the FREE community (forum) end. However, as we learned about the specific needs of the users, we added one more support plan. So, currently, we have two support plans and both are ONE TIME PAYMENT only plans. No renewals.

However, with only PAID support plans at the core, we also started investing back on adding unparalleled tools and utilities to slowly graduate from being just another online forum to a complete platform.

dLife DataLog

This is a 7-part module and was the first custom-built utility that we embarked upon just after switching from free to the paid model. This includes the following components:

  1. Blood Sugar & BloddPressure Log
  2. Exercise & Energy Expenditure
  3. Lab LFT Data
  4. LAB KFT Data
  5. Lab LIPIDS Panel
  6. Lab Diabetes Panel
  7. Report Vault — 100 MB space to upload soft copies of Lab reports. 20 files of 5 MB each allowed.

Each utility has a detailed help thread on the forum. Summary at the following link:

dLife DataLog

Not many diabetes management platforms across the globe offer this as part of service. WE do!

dLife FoodLog

With the dLife DataLog module done, next, we embarked upon adding a three-part utility titled dLife FoodLog. This comprised of three custom coded modules, and we have covered the independent components of this in three different articles, one for each module:

  1. dLife FoodLog – Nutrition Facts & Calories Database
  2. dLife FoodLog – Recipes Posting Module Integrated With Nutrition Facts Database
  3. dLife FoodLog – My Food Diary

Not many diabetes management platforms across the world offer this integration. In fact, there are a few standalone sites that offer only this part for $106/year subscription fees. On dLife.in, everything is included in the two support plans that come with only ONE TIME Payment and no renewals.

Integrating The Two dLife Logs

My Food Diary of dLife FoodLog is integrated, with Home Testing component of dLife DataLog. The meal macro is pulled from MyFoodDiary on the Home Testing form or Pushed from Food Diary to the Home Testing form.

250+ Indian Success Stories

Switching to PAID support model has been very successful. Nothing can be more satisfying when members manage to achieve the results that they sought when they signed up for the program. We have made Low Carb, LCHF & Keto diets easy even for vegetarian Indians.

So, if you are metabolically deranged (diabetes, PCOS, NAFLD, Insulin resistance etc) and looking for lifestyle-related solutions, click the Join Now button below and take the first step. We are here to help.


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dLife e-Learning Platform For Low Carb Nutrition Courses

In order to really be a complete platform, in 2020, we started working on self-paced e-Learning based India centric Low Carb Nutrition courses, and the first to launch was:

Low Carb Nutrition Diploma and this was the first diploma in India to have certification from NAAC Accredited autonomous institute. Obviously, when the certification is from NAAC Accredited autonomous institute there can be no better certification program than this. Unlike few who offer some NSDC skill development courses, we do not have any RECERTIFICATION Clause.

In 2021, we launched two certificate courses, with certification from an NSDC partner. However, here also we do not have any recertification clause.

  1. Low Carb Nutrition Certificate – PCOS & Obesity
  2. Low Carb Nutrition Certificate – CardioDiabesity

Our philosophy has been a one-time payment model and we have adhered to it even on our e-learning platform. All our certification courses come with an online internship in our community where one learns how to deal with real-world cases. This again only we can offer as we have graduated from being just a forum to a complete platform.

For enrollment in any of the courses, please check

eLearning Platform