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U S Poojary was 66 years old when he posted his intro thread on May 2nd, 2017. Here’s what he had to say:

I am USPOOJARY 66 years old and a diabetic for the last 15 years. Even though the readings does not cross abnormal levels it is continuously high ranging between 160 to 175 fasting and 200 to 220 post lunch. I have tried with all the allopathy medicines and result is that as the age advances your prescription also increases.

So I have started lchf diet now. The results are positive.

So, as you can see, his numbers were not normal. He was on a plethora of medications for:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Hypertension
  • Uric Acid

and his diabetes related nos were:

FBS 171 mg/dl
PPBS 237 mg/dl
HbA1C 6.7%

Fast forward and this is what he had to say in May 2018:

I was searching some research articles on diabetes in the net. Having suffered for about one and a half decade from this menace it was this forum which gave me a ray of hope. I came across where most of the members were sharing freely their experiences with very constructive advices. Having read many articles on lchf I became an ardent follower of this forum.
I tried to experiment lchf even though it was very difficult in the beginning. It was this forum which gave me confidence and the result is I am without medicines for about a year. I was spending more than Rs 3000.00 monthly on medicines and now I am hale and hearty without any medicines.
No cholesterol, no uric acid, no BP and moreover lost 10 kg of weight and still feeling energetic .
This forum has made people realise that lchf diet can be adapted in one’s life without any difficulty.
More over many eminent doctors are members of this forum where any type of medical problems are discussed and remedies suggested instantly.
Thanks to the initiative of Anupji who has steadfastly encouraged members to adopt this diet citing his own experience.
From the bottom of my heart I thank

And, on August 22nd 2018, exactly 16 months after being on LCHF, you can check what he had to say:

My success story continued

He has hit an HbA1C of 5.8% and all drugs are stopped. This is after a diabetes history of 15+ years.

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20 months of LCHF and posted an update in Feb 2019. A1C down to 5.7, Fasting insulin 3.7. No medicines.

My success story continued


Image Credit: Image provided by U S Poojary with permission to use on this article.


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