So you’ve hitched a ride on the low-carb bandwagon. With’s database of 1000 plus recipes, meal planning is both exciting and hassle-free, we agree. And then, just when you thought you had your nutritional melodrama all sorted, the cravings hit. You feel peckish. You don’t feel like a full meal and you certainly don’t want to blow your carefully charted macros for the day. What’s a person to do now? You go looking for a snack.

Snacking is a modern-day menace that has been marketed to be trendy and fashionable. Nothing has impacted human health more than the “expert” recommendations of constant snacking to “keep blood sugar and energy levels stable”. Snack foods are everywhere! Attractively packaged and aggressively marketed, these unhealthy eats will throw you and all your good intentions under the bus.

Never one to disappoint, has a low carb solution for all the nutritional challenges pitched to you by the carb-obsessed world. The next time you feel the urge to nibble on a little something, hit up this series of seven snacks that can be made in a jiffy (and finished in a shorter jiffy, though we don’t recommended it ). We have for you, easy to make snacks in small portion sizes that are considerate of both your macros and your cravings. Don’t ruin your diet for want of a better snack. Enjoy a healthier spin on life with recipe ideas and meal plans from

You thought we were done? No! Just for YOU, dLife has made these snacks ALL VEGETARIAN. That’s right. No eggs were harmed er… cracked in the process of making these recipes, folks! If that mic drop moment has passed go and try them all out, right now!

Here’s the list of the recipes covered in this series of seven as posted on the forum and is complete with a breakup of proximates, minerals, vitamins, fats, and amino acids per serving.

  1. Recipe # 379
  2. Recipe # 380
  3. Recipe # 381
  4. Recipe # 382
  5. Recipe # 383
  6. Recope # 384
  7. Recipe # 385

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