dLife.in DataLog Part 1 – For Diabetes and Weight Loss Progress Monitoring & Tracking

dLife.in, the only community site of Indians, by Indians and for Indians across the globe, that boasts of 1000+ Indian LCHF & Keto recipes and 200+ diabetes reversal and weight loss success stories. Of these 200+ we just hit the first 50 with pics on December 10th, 2018, rest of them being on the different sections of the forum.

That’s not all, we also have a unique set of SEVEN datalog tools that offer the feature of logging your progress of diabetes reversal, weight loss and tracking changes in other parameters like LFT, LIPIDS, KFT etc.

Susan talks about the first two of the seven in this video. In the second part, she will talk about the other five. The two components discussed in this video are:

  1. dLife DataLog — Home Testing Blood Sugar, BP & Macro
  2. dLife DataLog — Energy Expenditure Module

The screenshots of the different features of the above two appear at the end of the video.


Susan’s own diabetes reversal success story is detailed at the following link:

Susan’s Diabetes Reversal – Off From Insulin – Success Story On Indian LCHF Diet


Second Part Of This Two-part Series: 

dLife.in DataLog Part 2 – For Diabetes and Weight Loss Progress Monitoring & Tracking


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