We Are The Champions: 50 Success Stories With Pics – Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss On Indian LCHF Diet

50 dLife diabetes and weight loss success stories

It gives us such joy today, to shine the spotlight on 50 Real Life Heroes from dLife.in. Our hearts are brimming with pride and we can hardly contain our smiles as we bask in the reflected glory of our members’ triumph. Every success story is a celebration for us and is seen as a personal win for each member at dLife.in.

We feel absolutely privileged at being the only site Of Indians By Indians and For Indians, with a focus on diabetes management through Indian Low-carb, LCHF & Keto diet. We have come miles from being “just another” forum on the web. A common villain and shared crisis lend empathy to every interaction on the forum. The wisdom of crowds and the wealth of shared experience available at dLife.in, is beyond compare.

We launched the front-end of the site on the 4th of August 2018. We started requesting members to share their pics and success stories so we could include them on the front end. We were cognizant of the fact that not everyone (of the 200+ diabetes reversal and/or weight loss success stories) would be comfortable sharing their pics. However, within a span of only months, we hit the first milestone of 50 success stories, with pics – that work out to an average of 3 success stories per week since we went live with the front-end of the site. We also launched our very own youtube channel in July 2018, gradually adding user-contributed content over there also.

While we showcase only 50 stalwarts presently, we have more than 150+ scintillating success stories available in this section of the forum, with plenty more scattered all around the forum.

We are fortunate to be a community that is driven and powered by users. Every member adds value empirically, with everyone contributing and actively participating in one way or the other. We have grown to be a community of resilient, anti-fragile people – a force to be reckoned with in the field of Diabetes Management. We thank each one of you that has made this possible.


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