Susan’s Diabetes Reversal – Off From Insulin – Success Story On Indian LCHF Diet

susan - Susan's Diabetes Reversal - Off From Insulin - Success Story On Indian LCHF Diet

Susan is an ex-banker, settled in Kerala. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001, she could manage it on diet and lifestyle changes for a few years, till drugs and insulin became inevitable in 2005. Not just medicines for blood sugar, her lipids were also calling for medications. On her success story thread on the forum, she writes:

 I was prescribed Diamicron SR and Metformin 250 and progressed over the years to Metformin SR 500 x2, 26 units of Lantus and Diamicron. Statin, I avoided as it caused my calf muscles to hurt. My doctor asked me to increase Lantus as my blood sugar would not come under 7. It wavered between 7 & 8. I was also told that I needed fast acting insulin as well.

I had a problem. I have a small frame and my belly and upper thigh are full of stretch marks from the time my first boy was born, 16 days post mature. Now they are faded but it is difficult to locate a spot to inject insulin without repeating at the same site for 45 days. I have to twist and turn to find locations behind. The long pens make injections on the upper arm difficult. Absorption is also least from upper arm. Besides, many a time I would inject on a faded scar and it would not be absorbed.

Following diets did not work for her:

  1. John McDougall’s Starch solution, a VEGAN diet.
  2. Gregger’s VEGAN diet

Well, VEGAN diet makes no sense. Feeding carbs to a diabetic, and then covering it by doubling fiber is nonsense. It can never work and even Neal Barnard’s diet failed in his own experiment, as discussed here. We call VEGAN diet a “Diet Of Artificial Deprivation“. Veganism is all about the following logical fallacies:

  1. Appeal to Authority.
  2. Appeal to EMOTIONS under the garb of fake animal love. We call it FAKE as PETA kills more animals than they let live.
  3. Texas Sharpshooter.

So, in comes Indian LCHF diet. She is off all INSULIN and her A1C has dropped from 7.3% to 6.4% and her latest A1C is down to 6.0. Since she has posted a video, you can watch and listen to her journey in her own words:

Image & Video Credit: Susan has provided them with permission to use them on our network of sites.


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