dLife.in Podcast: LowcarbUSA Meets dLife.in

Founded in 2015, LowCarbUSA® is an organization focused on dietary education and support by hosting scientific conferences, providing online coaching, a comprehensive library of scientific papers supporting the way of eating, and a worldwide database of ‘Low Carb Friendly’ healthcare providers and nutritionists.

Doug Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of LowCarbUSA®. The original organization was founded in the beginning of 2016 with the initial intention of providing a platform, through an annual conference, for internationally renowned scientists and medical practitioners to present the ever-increasing body of evidence on the benefits of reducing carbohydrates in the diet (and adding in healthy fats). He felt that education about the power of the low carb/ketogenic diet for the individual who may not get the information from their medical team or from mainstream nutrition advice, and for practitioners who may then be able to prescribe it in their practice was critical.

Online Presence:
Website: https://lowcarbusa.org
Twitter (Doug): https://twitter.com/DougieReynolds
Twitter (Pam): https://twitter.com/LCPamDevine

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