dLife.in Podcast: Marty Kendall And His Optimising Nutrient Approach

Marty Kendall is an engineer who seeks to optimize nutrition using a data-driven approach. His interest in nutrition began eighteen years ago in an effort to help his wife Monica gain better control of her Type 1 Diabetes. But since then he has worked to develop a systematized approach to nutrition tailored for a wide range of goals.

Over the past five years, Marty has been sharing his learnings at OptimisingNutrition.com and has developed Nutrient Optimiser and Data-Driven Fasting to guide thousands of people on their journey of nutritional optimization and improving their metabolic health.

Here’s the podcast with Marty uploaded on our YouTube Channel:


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dLife.in founder was awarded Icons Of India award by the Outlook Group and here’s the interview, recorded on 23rd Feb 2021:


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