dLife.in Success Story: Anup Singh’s 10 yr PILL Free Diabetes Journey On LCHF

Anup was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on Feb 14, 2011. As an engineer, from IIT Roorkee, he was not convinced to take the path of medications to control #diabetes. So, here’s his journey of 10 years of zero medications and non-diabetic A1C — December 2020 A1C was 5.40.

Anup started talking of #LCHF when there was no such thing happening in India back in 2011. He then founded the dLife.in, a platform that has grown over the years from being just a forum to a full-fledged #LCHF #lowcarb #keto platform that also includes a 6-month diploma course in Low Carb Nutrition.


Here’s his story posted ~2 years ago:


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