Become A Certified Low Carb Keto & LCHF Nutrition Coach In India

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A new decade, a new year, but the same old you?

Every New Year, legend holds, is built on the wreckage of millions of New Year resolutions. People the world over, make ambitious decisions to start afresh, go green, get a life… Studies show that most resolutions are history by mid-January (19th to be specific). Leading the trend, are health and diet related resolutions. This year, Keto and Low Carb Nutrition are in the forefront.

As far as diets go, people want results, and they want it yesterday. We often forget that Celeb-bodies are not made in a day; they require persistence, diligence and hard work. Sustainable lifestyle changes involve considerable mental preparation and incremental changes. Sadly, few are inclined to do the research on the pros and cons of a diet. The magnitude of myths and misconceptions surrounding diet and nutrition is appalling.

Bro science and social media “gurus” can dole out conflicting (and sometimes dangerous) advice. There is dissonance even in the Low Carb universe where each expert vociferously argues that only their version is the legitimate one. This scenario underscores the need for a structured training course that is backed entirely by science and not popular opinion.

What does it take to become an expert in the field of Low Carb Nutrition? Where do you get authentic training and credentials that allows you to legally practise as a Certified Nutritionist anywhere in India? Are you looking to turbo-charge your personal health or fast-track your fitness goals? Do you have a keen interest in guiding and supporting others seeking optimal health? You are in the right place, your quest ends here!

dLife Academy’s Low Carb Nutrition Diploma Course is brought to you in collaboration with Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore – an NAAC Accredited Autonomous Institute with a ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ (CPE) Status from UGC, New Delhi. Our courses are certified by an autonomous institute of repute in India and we can assure you of its complete legal tenability.

dLife Academy’s Low Carb Nutrition Diploma Course is earmarked for Graduates, Nutritionists, Doctors and Business professionals invested in the Low Carb food business scene. Spread across a period of six to eight months, Low Carb Nutrition in all its depth and breadth will be covered in this comprehensive course. The course concludes with a one-month internship on the community portal.

dLife academy’s Low Carb Nutrition Diploma course is brought to you on an exclusive e-learning platform. Explore the Low Carb Nutrition landscape from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, on your own computer. We have collated high quality content and reference material that makes learning and practical application efficient and seamless. With the launch of dLife Academy we’ve consolidated our position as the best and the largest online community of, by, and for Indian Diabetics.

Taking the guesswork out of nutrition has always been the hallmark of Starting with our exhaustive database with nutritional values of hundreds of foods and a recipe database with all macros auto-calculated, we’ve always been driven by data, statistics and numbers. We leave nothing to conjecture and have very clear and definite guidelines on what constitutes Low Carb Nutrition and how it works in an Indian context. The 200 odd success stories we have on our forum validate the efficacy of our methodology.

Will this be the year you make a difference in your life and that of scores of others in your circle of influence? If Low Carb Nutrition has ignited your passion and you are excited about getting started, sign up right now!


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