Madhukar’s Success Story: Indian LCHF Diet Plan Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Of Marine Engineer

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss on Indian LCHF Diet

Look at any of the 200+ Type 2 diabetes reversal success stories on Indian Low-carb LCHF diet, and all have a similar pattern. In short, the pattern is so reproducible and predictable. And, when something is reproducible one success story after another, it can no longer be called anecdotes.

It is SCIENCE. Yes, Indian LCHF Diet for managing diabetes and weight loss is SCIENCE, as exemplified by the huge number of success stories. This particular story is the diabetes reversal and weight loss success story of a Marine Engineer — Madhukar from Bangalore. What did he do? Well, he lived by the Blue Ocean Strategy for diabetes reversal instead of falling for the diabetes cure scams.

He is currently 64 years old. His Type 2 diabetes has a long history of 25+ years. His journey started with just 250 mg Metformin once a day and progressed to Daonil 5 mg, Jabra 50/500 mg before Breakfast, Metformin 500 mg SR after Breakfast, and Metformin 850 SR after dinner. Despite this cocktail of medications, his A1C landed at 7.5%, with an FBS of 115 to 145, and PPBS of 220 to 250. For his height of 176 cm, his weight clocked 76 Kg.

After a year on the Indian Low-carb LCHF diet, he had the following to report on his success story thread on the forum:

Post LCHF I am on Reclide MR 30, Metformin SR 1 gm at Bfast, and 1 gm Metformin SR after dinner. I am 175 cm tall and my weight reduced from 76 kg to 69 kg in 3 months.

Last week I got my test results and my HbA1C is 5.9, FBS 110, PPBS 130. The other tests for Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, TGL, LDL, and Vit D are all normal.

The support of the members in this forum, especially during the initial stages of transition, helped and kept me motivated. I thank all the members of

Madhukar’s Type 2 diabetes reversal and weight loss success story is one of 200+. He shared his pic so we are sharing his success story here like we have done for everyone who gladly shared their pic.

Update On 31st December 2018: A1C 5.7

Image Credit: Image provided by Madhukar with permission to share it on our network of sites. We have edited it to change the aspect ratio to 16:9.

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