Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success On Indian LCHF Keto Diet – Vijay Iyer – A1C 5.5

Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success story on Indian Low Carb LCHF Keto diet

Vijay Iyer‘s journey as a Type 2 diabetic started in the year 2009, with FBS and PPBS rising to levels of 150 mg/dL and 200 mg/dL  respectively, on multiple occasions. Prior to settling with Indian LCHF Diet, and reversing his diabetes, he had tried everything from starvation diet, eating six times a day, to a low fat diet, and the so called healthy and balanced diet, etc.

Some worked for a short time, while some never worked without dependence on medicines. He wanted to tame his diabetes without any medication. This is what he had to say about all the other diets that he tried — that FAILED:

But!! The Eat less, exercise more theory had taken a toll on my body.
I was low on energy, and was hungry all the time.
I stopped following the diet, and soon in a years time I gained about 6 – 8 kg.

My blood sugars and A1C were high again.
This time the doctor put me on medicine for high blood sugar and high Cholesterol.
The dietician also gave a “diet” to follow, which was typical “healthy” carbs and told me to avoid all kind of Fats and eat in small portions 6 times a day.

I was on tablets for about 6 months. meanwhile i also tried some Ayurvedic tablets during the period. I did not pay much heed to my diet as I was on tablets and I thought the tablets will do the trick. The result was I was gaining weight.

Finally, he switched to the LCHF diet in late 2016. He joined dLife.in in May 2017, and his latest A1C in September 2018 is 5.5%. He is completely free of all medications. Take a look at his full success story thread.

Congratulations Vijay. Well done!

Image Credit: Image has been provided by Vijay with permission to use the same on our network of sites.


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