Indian Type 2 Diabetic’s Reversal Success Story on LCHF KETO Diet – Aashish

IMG 20180906 WA0042 - Indian Type 2 Diabetic's Reversal Success Story on LCHF KETO Diet – Aashish

Aashish Pabari, Type 2 diabetic since September 2013, is from Mumbai. In March 2017, an HbA1C of 12.8% set off alarm bells. He reached from, as one of our success stories is listed on that site. He joined in June 2017, struggling with a weight of 97 kg, besides his Diabetes, which was out of control with an HbA1C of 12.8%.

Here’s a short summary from his testimonial thread.

Within the first 2 months, my HbA1c dropped to 6.5. Cholesterol levels improved, HDL shot up to 49.5 from previously 35, Triglycerides reduced from 275 to 150. This encouraged me. With massive support from members here, who guided me at every stage, I inched towards becoming a non diabetic. My HbA1c dropped further to 6, my triglycerides dropped to 100 and my HDL stabilised at around 47.

There came a time in August 2017, when I was completely off meds, and till today I am on Zero medications.

His testimonial cum success story thread is at the following link:

Member Testimonial – Ashish Pabari

Ashish’s success is not just a fluke case. There are hundreds of such success stories posted across different sections of the forum. We shall be posting a few of them on the front-end of the site, as and when the pic is shared by the member.

Image Credit: Image provided by Ashish with permission to use on this thread. This image is from his Mumbai-Leh trip by Bike, as a Type 2 diabetic on LCHF diet.


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