A Comprehensive Support Model — One-on-One and Peer-to-Peer — With Dr. Tanmoy Das

IMG 20191008 WA0049 1170x650 - A Comprehensive Support Model -- One-on-One and Peer-to-Peer -- With Dr. Tanmoy Das

We are happy to announce the collaboration with Dr. Tanmoy Das, from Kolkata, as part of our comprehensive support model, available for anyone who would want to take both Peer-to-Peer and One-on-One consultancy with a doctor/nutritionists on our panel.

Dr. Tanmoy Das from Kolkata specializes as an Anaesthesiologist with experience of over 25 years of practice. He finished his MD in 1991 and has since then worked in various Government & Corporate Hospitals. At present, he is attached to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals in Kolkata, where he heads the Department of Anesthesiology.

More about Dr. Tanmoy, in his own words:

What I have found is that almost every patient I deal with has metabolic issues like Hypertension, Respiratory problems, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Allergies & more. Lifestyle diseases are the major cause of the suffering of the population, whether urban or rural. The situation is difficult as the diet in India is primarily carbohydrate-based. And add to that we also have developed the habit of eating and snacking on processed & junk food. No wonder, we are the Diabetes Capital of the world!

On a personal level, I too went through a phase of obesity & prediabetes which I managed to reverse effectively by following a low carbohydrate lifestyle and intermittent fasting regime. I am a low-carb person for the last 7 years and my health has never been better! I firmly believe that it is founded on real science. It is composed of real food and it delivers real results.

I have found that a real-food, low-carb, healthy-fat, and ketogenic lifestyle, combined with intermittent fasting, stress management, rest, and movement — and appropriate pharmacotherapy if needed — results in improved general health, cognitive function, mood management, and quality of life. Eating whole, nutritious food is good for everyone and results in the remission of disease and restoration of both physical and mental health.

I now advocate the low-carb diet and lifestyle to all patients, colleagues, and friends. I have successfully helped friends and patients reverse their obesity and type 2 diabetes. I help patients take control of their own health by educating themselves with sources that provide evidence-based recommendations and scientific reviews.

I feel dLife.in is an excellent platform to spread this message and help those who are suffering from lifestyle diseases and are looking for a solution beyond mainstream medicine, which has not been able to resolve these issues. With 200+ success stories, this is sure to inspire everyone to achieve their health goal. India has an extremely rich culinary heritage and the 1200 and more recipes on dLife.in will make sure that variety of eating is maintained along with the health benefits. All these and more make dLife a great meeting ground for like-minded persons, medical professionals & nutritionists.

Welcome, Dr. Tanmoy to dLife.in network.


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