A Comprehensive Support Model — One-on-One and Peer-To-Peer — With Dr. Sarala Chauhan

Dr Sarala Raju

We are slowly expanding the combination of one-on-one and peer-to-peer support models as and when we collaborate with Indian doctors and nutritionists, who live breath and preach Indian Low-carb LCHF / Keto WOE. Happy to announce the next collaboration.

Dr Sarala Chauhan, completed her medical degree at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She also earned her Diploma for Tropical Health issued by the Netherlands School of Public Health in Utrecht. She worked for 1.5 years in the surgical ward of Gooi Noord Hospital in Blaricum and 1 year in the gynecological ward in the Ziekenhuiscentrum in Apeldoorn. Thereafter, she migrated to India.

She registered herself at the Karnataka Medical Council as MD ( Physician) and worked for 11 years in a primary health care center in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. With a Type 1 princess to take care of, she left her job and settled in Mysore.

A proponent of a Low-carb lifestyle, she managed her daughter’s Type 1 diabetes to get her last reported A1C down to 5.0 Barely 1% of Type 1 diabetics across the globe hit that benchmark of A1C 5.5 max. Shalini’s success story is already covered at the following link:

Indian Type 1 Diabetes On LCHF Diet Success Story – Shalini

Dr Sarala’s goal is to continue educating people about health and wellbeing with a specific emphasis on nutrition and by giving them tools to monitor and manage their own health, as is the goal of dLife.in.

She is not unknown on dLife.in community, as she is also part of the moderating team since early days. With first-hand experience of managing her daughter’s Type 1 on low-carb for the last three-plus years, and achieving A1C of 5.7 max all these years, it would not be easy to find a registered medical practitioner, in India, with her experience in diabetes management on LCHF / Keto lifestyle.

The last two A1C of Shalini was 5.0 as posted on the forum by Dr. Sarala.


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