Dr. Jasmeet Kaur — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

Jasmeet - Dr. Jasmeet Kaur — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

Dr. Kaur a health visionary, researcher, scientist & lifestyle coach. Being a researcher and scientist, she follows a holistic approach to improving the overall health of her clients. Through her research & experience, she has the potential to look into different aspects of any health issue. She is a certified low-carb nutritionist, having completed India’s only Low Carb Nutrition Diploma course on dLife.in platform, with a focus on metabolic disorders/health.

Stress management, nutritional deficiency, gut health, autoimmune issues, and metabolic syndrome are the leading areas of her interest. Low carb nutrition has shown significant benefits not only in terms of metabolic health but by focusing on low carb nutrition, she has significantly helped people with mental illness, migraines, autoimmune issues and also chronic gut issues.

In order to make the lifestyle change easy for her clients , her program starts with educating people. She prioritizes the health of her client and makes sure that they understand their health issue through 1-on-1 zoom sessions .These sessions are followed by time to time counselling as needed.

In a nutshell she follows the following approach:

  1. Investigating gut health while making transition from high carb to low carb. Working on gut health improves other aspects: better focus, more clarity and easy to manage stress, better sleep and better metabolic health.
  2. Why low carb & how to make it sustainable .
  3. Constant follow ups and counselling throughout the plan.

She has many client success stories to her credit. She is also podcast host on dLife.in YouTube channel and has also appeared as guest. In the recently concluded India’s first and India’s largest Metabolic Health Low Carb conference (Oct 27, 28, 29), she was also the host for Dr Alex from Sydney on Low-carb and Thyroid.

Here’s the latest podcast where Dr Jasmeet was guest and discussed a client success with LADA