Pramila Mundra — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

pramila mundra - Pramila Mundra — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

Pramila Mundra is a Nutritionist with Masters Degree in Food science & Nutrition and a Certified Diploma holder in Low carb Nutrition from dLife. She is also a member of Nutrition Network (Noakes Foundation) and pursuing their Advisor course.

She does her consulting practice in Bangalore & Dubai, apart from coaching online clients across the globe. Her work experience spans over 20 years, including few years tenure in Multi specialty hospitals.

Pramila is passionate about healing people from metabolic diseases such as Fatty liver, Obesity, Hypertension, PCOS, digestive disorders and more. During her internship and subsequent jobs in hospitals, she witnessed many people suffering mostly due to diseases which were caused because of poor food choices & lifestyle. But most patients were treated with more pills rather than addressing the root causes. This prompted her to look for ways to independently guide & help sick people to better health.

Her programs are customized for each individual with a 3 pronged approach involving lifestyle changes around food choices, Exercise & Stress managing habits.

She believes Physical health is very closely connected to your mental health, hence offers support with effective tools like Pranayama, meditation & Journaling which has a positive impact on one’s food choices & lifestyle.

She had worked with NOVARTIS NUTRITION supplement Division for 2 years. Later she worked in Multi specialty Hospital in Kochi & Mumbai for few years as a Chief Dietitian. She realized the limitations of working in a hospital set up with outdated guidelines and soon left her job to start her own consulting practice.

Through her holistic programs, many people have successfully overcome fatty liver, obesity, peri menopausal and post menopausal issues, hypertension, fatigue & food cravings. Pramila also supports her clients with healthy recipes which are easy to make. Moreover, she also conducts cooking workshops to empower people to eat healthier.

She is also an active member of Rotary clubs and works in rural areas to spread Nutritional awareness. She is a speaker in public forums such as educational institutions and corporate offices to spread Nutrition awareness and emphasis on the power of Food on our health.

Highlights of her RESET Program

  • Understanding the history and root causes of a client’s health issues.
  • Listing out clearly the health goals
  • Helping the client to understand the impact of various foods in our body, which helps to make better choices.
  • Educating the clients on hormones & its key role in overall health.
  • Analyzing blood reports & helping the client to understand significance of each reading.
  • Formulating a meal plan which is easy to follow and helps to achieve specific health goals.
  • Regular follow up through calls & WhatsApp chats.
  • Addressing the initial challenges faced, helping to form new habits as well as counter addictive behaviors.

Pramila is active on social media and reachable at the following handles:

Twitter :

Instagram: www.instagram/pamz_nutrition



Pramila has been hosting many podcasts on channel and was also the host in the recently concluded India’s First Low Carb Conference — MHC2023. Here’s one from that event