Mandar Gadre — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

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Mandar Gadre, Ph.D. is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Metabolic Health Coach (with his latest Diploma In Low-Carb Nutrition from

He runs FITholic Personal Fitness Studio in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a unique place to build both: Physical Fitness & Metabolic Health.

FITholic has an integrated approach towards Health & Fitness, and offers comprehensive services to achieve:

  1. Physical Fitness: Body Transformation.
    1. Exercising for Years without Results? Work with a team of Certified Personal Trainers and achieve your dream body.
    2. FITholic focuses on scientific coaching, personal attention, and community support to keep you consistent.
    3. Weight training & Endurance training immensely helps in Improving Strength, Joint Health, Energy & Stamina, Correcting Joint & Muscle Pains, Better Functional Fitness.
  2. Metabolic Health: Chronic Disease Prevention & Remission
    1. Understand root causes of chronic lifestyle diseases
    2. Get your disease risk assessed using blood tests & other key measurements
    3. Learn to implement the right dietary approach, built on fundamentals of human nutrition (No gimmicks, No fads: We logically use Human Biology to coach you!)
  3. Family Health
    1. Improve Your Children’s Nutrition, Sleep, Concentration, Energy, and Mood
    2. Correct Associated Lifestyle Problems and Prevent Chronic Diseases later in life
    3. Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Habit Coaching for All Generations in your Home
    4. Work on De-addiction from Food, Sedentary Habits

Mandar holds a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from Arizona State University, USA; and a B.Tech. in Materials Science from IIT Bombay. He is passionate about Preventive Healthcare. To take the message to a wider audience, he is also writing a book explaining Metabolic Health, Chronic Diseases, and Nutrition in an accessible way.

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Mandar has also been a podcast host at He was also a host in India’s first and India’s largest Metabolic Health Low Carb Virtual Conference on October 27, 28 and 29th, 2023. Here’s one from that conference