Prathima Thandava — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

prathima thandava write up - Prathima Thandava — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

I am a certified Low Carb Nutritionist and a distinguished Yoga and Fitness Trainer, currently affiliated with a renowned gym in Bangalore. My professional journey has been centered around my fervent dedication to empowering individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the precise science behind nutrition. With a commitment to fostering a healthier nation, I aspire to contribute to the mission of making India obesity-free.

My approach is personalized, utilizing a customized methodology tailored to the unique needs of each individual. I firmly believe in adopting a holistic perspective that encompasses circadian rhythms, fasting techniques, and a harmonious blend of nutrition and exercise. By amalgamating these elements, I aim to guide and inspire individuals on their wellness journey, fostering lasting lifestyle changes that promote optimal health.

I am passionate about the transformative impact that a balanced approach to nutrition, coupled with mindful exercise, can have on individuals’ lives. Through my expertise, I aspire to play a pivotal role in cultivating a healthier and happier community.

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  1. Kunal Jain

    Congratulations Prathima! Wish you all the success and power in your journey to make lives healthier and pill free.

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