Freedom from Diabetes On Indian Low Carb LCHF & Keto Diet

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Freedom: Mahatma Gandhi’s powerful vision that changed the course of history.

A powerful vision can change the course of your diabetes history too. If you are a diabetic, a strong vision is a prerequisite to freedom from its clutches. Why so? Because, without a strong vision:

  • You could “settle” for what seems like the path of least resistance at this moment.
  • You won’t have a yard stick to evaluate what is good advice and what is bad advice. And there is plenty of both kinds floating around in the internet, a limitless amount flowing from well meaning family members and friends. More importantly, without a strong vision there is no way to objectively evaluate advice from your Doctor. As a result, you could buffet from one thing to another, like a sailboat caught in a stormy sea.
  • A lot of time could go by before you realize that the proverbial ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. A wall plastered with one or more of the following: obesity, hopelessness, kidney damage, amputation, eye damage, depression (Quite a long list but so depressing that I am stopping with 5)

OK. If you have bought into the need for a strong vision, that begs the question, “What should that vision be in order for me to get true freedom from diabetes?”

LCHF – Lasting Correction in HbA1c Fast.

Lasting – To emphasize that your aim is not yo-yo-ing up and down around a mean (ecstatic one day – hey my HbA1c is down 10% from 10 to 9, and down in the dumps the next day when it goes back up to 10)

Correction – To emphasize that your aim is not merely to control it at the surface level with some artificial means, but to correct it at the root level. A reminder that your vision is not controlling diabetes with medications, or looking for silver bullets; but focusing on correcting the root causes and making choices so the body heals itself.

HbA1c – HbA1c as the main indicator to focus on, knowing that when this is corrected many other dominoes will all start falling all at once – Much like a business man will focus on margins, knowing that sales and costs have to be managed in order to get good margins. A vision to aspire to a HbA1c of 5.5 or less

Fast – An important reminder so you don’t get sucked in to “You are a diabetic for life” (Chronic disease), or this will take years because we will reduce it by 10% a year for the next 10 years. You need a strong vision to look for a solution that will start working for you in weeks and months not years and decades.

If you have come this far, you are wondering how to realize such an ambitious vision? is among the best ways to realize this vision. While there are many ways will help you realize this vision, I will outline what I think are the 3 most important ones:

  • There are lots of people that have walked the entire path and reached the vision I outlined above and can therefore guide you based on their practical experience.
  • Inspiration from others on the journey and battling the same challenges that you are going through.
  • A community that gets what you are going through, won’t judge you in any way and encourage you to continue the journey.

Hope you are inspired enough to have LCHF as your vision and more importantly, the endurance and courage to walk the path till you have reached your goal. If you would want to be the next success story addition to the 200+ already on site, please take the first step by clicking the JOIN Now button below.

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