Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss on Indian Low Carb LCHF Diet – Trupti’s Success Story

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That’s Trupti‘s pic above — left is before and right is after LCHF — with her baby. She is an Indian lady settled in Muscat. Well, her success story is not just about diabetes reversal and weight loss. And, here’s how it goes:

Barely 11.5 months post her baby’s birth, she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with the following numbers:

  1. HbA1C : 9.2% (highest in her family of diabetics)
  2. Cholesterol 232 mg/dL
  3. HDL 39 mg/dL
  4. LDL 113.4 mg/dL
  5. Triglycerides 398 mg/dl
  6. Blood Sugar 227 mg/dL
  7. SGPT 98 U/L

Typical of a diabetic on the so called healthy and balanced diet – HIGH CARB LOW FAT (nonsensical diet to say the least). Due to the fact that she has been under doctor’s care right through her pregnancy and after that, no one can say that she was on a diet that was not medically scrutinised. Sky high Triglycerides, very high HbA1C, scarring LIVER — that’s when she took a final call about diet change in September 2017.

Three months down the line she had following to report:

  1. HbA1C 6.6%
  2. BS 121 mg/dL
  3. PPBS 111 mg/dL
  4. Cholesterol 161 mg/dL
  5. HDL 51 mg/dL
  6. LDL 100 mg/dL
  7. Triglycerides 191 mg/dL
  8. SGPT 15 U/L
Achievements in three months:
  1. Triglycerides fall like a rock, from 398 mg/dL to 191 mg/dL, though still not where we on dLife.in prefer it to be.
  2. HbA1C falls from 9.5% to 6.6%.
  3. HDL increases from 39 mg/dL to 51 mg/dL.
  4. The LIVER returns back to normal. So scarring fixed?
Her latest readings:
  1. HbA1C 6%
  2. BS 111 mg/dL
  3. SGPT 12 U/L

The doctor did not even bother to do LIPIDS again.

Weight Loss

She lost weight from 69.5 kg to 62 kg and is stable at this weight.


Reduced from Glucophage 750mg twice a day to Metformin 500mg once a day. She relates her success story on the forum. What’s more heartening is that now her baby also follows her lifestyle — LCHF.

Heard some dietitian had sued Prof Tim Noakes just because she thought kids should not be put on Low carb. It’s a different story that the entire nexus of HIGH CARB LOW FAT peddlers lost in court against Prof Noakes.

Image Credit: Image provided by Trupti with permission to use it on our network of sites. We have edited it to 16:9 aspect ratio.


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