Satyajit Dash — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

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Satyajit Dash is a Low-carb Nutrition Coach since 2017. With his latest Diploma in Low Carb Nutrition  from has added another India-specific tool to his arsenal.

He poses the below certification in Low carb Nutrition sphere:

  1. Diploma in Low Carb Nutrition from Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies India.
  2. Four Certifications on Low Carbohydrate High Fat / Ketogenic Nutrition from Nutrition Network (Noakes Foundation) – South Africa
  3. Certified Sports Nutritionist from ISSA, USA.

His way of helping his client is through conducting monthly LCHF Nutrition workshop followed by 6-month, Guided Group coaching program, where the hand-holds each member of the group, based on his/ her health goal requirement.  The workshop & Group coaching (including 121 sessions) is done on zoom.

The reason for Satyajit becoming a Low carb nutrition & metabolic health coach is very inspiring.

Way back in mid-2015, he used to be weighing ~110 kg with fatty liver grade-II, prediabetes, hypertension, with frequent fatigue. In the effort of finding a permanent & sustainable result, he started researching a lot on nutrition & body physiology in general, when he encountered about low carb nutrition from a Swedish website. As he had tried most of the standard weight management protocols like GM diet, calory deficit diet, vegan diet, zero oil / fat diet and had not got any significant benefit, this newfound (Carbohydrate restricted) nutrition protocol fascinated him along with Intermittent fasting. And he started following the same, as he was reading a lot on it.

After eight months since he started of LCHF, he had achieved some wonder, in terms of waist size from 38 to 32 inches, weight from 110kg to 80 kg , fatty liver grade-II has reversed, the lipid parameters improved amazingly, body fat% improved from 34% to 20%.

All his personal achievements encouraged him to take up this nutrition protocols to masses, and then he started coaching & guiding people around him at individual level initially & later, quit his well-paying corporate job to take up Low carb nutrition coaching as his major profession. He founded Fitter YOU – LCHF Nutrition Coaching, which he carries out online to reach to maximum people across India & Globe. Till date he has Guided 3000+ people to improve their metabolic health including weight loss, fatty liver reversal, PCOS, Diabetes (T2) & Blood pressure remission & Lipid profile correction.

For any professional guidance, one can reach him through the below mediums.

WhatsApp: +91 9910506446



Below is a Podcast video of Satyajit, where he has shared his own journey into LCHF, the mindset behind his transformation and couple of his unique case studies.