Indian LCHF Keto Diet Success Story For Type 2 Diabetes & Weight Loss – R Vijayasarathi

vijayasarthi 1170x650 - Indian LCHF Keto Diet Success Story For Type 2 Diabetes & Weight Loss - R Vijayasarathi

R Vijayasarathi, was an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic with around 19 years of diabetes history before he switched to Indian LCHF dietketo diet to be precise, combined with intermittent fasting. We said, “was an insulin-dependent” because he no longer injects insulin to control blood sugar. Even his Micro Albumin Urea dropped.

Here’s his journey:

At start of LCHF on Feb 20, 2018
  1. Ht 6 ft
  2. Wt 90 kg
  3. Fasting 159 mg/dL
  4. PPBS 262-280 mg/dL
  5. HbA1C 9.4%
  6. MAU 100


  1. Insulin 70 units / day (35 + 35)
  2. Metformin 1g twice a day
  3. Vildagliptin twice a day
  4. Cardace 10 once a day
96 DAYS LATER on 27-05-2018
  1. 70 units/day insulin eliminated
  2. Vildagliptin eliminated
  3. Cardace eliminated
  4. Weight = 78.5 kgs
  5. Fasting: 121 – 130 mg/dL
  6. PPBS 112 -127 mg/dL
  7. Random : 92 – 105 (evening)
  8. MAU = 8
  9. HbA1C = 6.8%

This is just one of the 100s of success stories on the forum. We shall randomly post a few from there in this section.

With 70 units/day insulin, gliptin and cardace eliminated, he still lands great numbers despite 19 years of diabetes history.  This how a good diet can transform your life.

Update on 21st October, 2019

Type 2 diabetes is not about injecting insulin and popping pills. Diet can do wonders and Indian diabetics on are proving this day after day. To be the next success story, click on the button below.

Image Credit: Image was provided by R Vijayasarathi with permission to use the same on this article.

Here’s the video shot on October 10th 2018


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