Indian Ketogenic Diet – Sajal Mukherjee Hypertension Reversal Success Story.

sajal mukherjee - Indian Ketogenic Diet - Sajal Mukherjee Hypertension Reversal Success Story.

Shashikant is something of a legend at and he’s on a roll. His own success story of reversing his diabetes has made him the go-to person, not just in his family but also amongst his colleagues. The success story below is that of his colleague — Sajal Mukherjee — from Kolkata.

Sajal Mukherjee, a professional from the pharmaceutical industry, was suffering from elevated blood pressure. Shashikant posted the following account of Sajal’s history, on the forum:

He told me that his BP is not under control and the reading was 177/95. This was in spite of taking 4 BP medicines. These were Telmisartan 40 mg twice, Bisoprolol 5mg, Amlodipine 5 mg and Chlorthalidone 6.25mg. These were known as ABCD of antihypertensives. Ace/ARB, Beta Blocker, Calcium Antagonist and Diuretic.
He was a bit concerned as his creatinine increased to 1 mg/dl.
I asked him if he is a diabetic. He said NO
So I told him to get a few tests done.
The results as below:
Fasting insulin was 21 units
PP insulin was 178 units
Fasting Blood sugar was 100 mg/dl
PP blood sugar was 159
Hba1c was 5.9

Though he falls into the pre-diabetic category by mainstream standards, clearly he is diabetic for all intents and purposes. Further, his insulin levels are very high as per Kraft’s insulin assay criteria. No one ever recommends checking insulin levels. Wonder why not! Probably because that will expose the diet that has been peddled as healthy and balanced — all loaded with carbs.

Sajal switched to a Ketogenic diet and his achievements a few months down the line are:

  1. Telmisartan 40 mg twice — stopped
  2. Bisoprolol 5mg — stopped
  3. Amlodipine 5 mg — stopped
  4. Chlorthalidone 6.25mg to nil
  5. Blood Pressure — 120/68

Being professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, both were aware of how to taper drugs. For example:

Finally he was down to just amlodipine 2.5 mg and was on this for a week. This was the last medicine he was on as sudden withdrawn from this can cause rebound hypertension. Since we knew this, we went gradual from 5mg to 2.5mg. Then he started taking on alternate days when his BP measured 120/65.
After a week on alternate day dosing he stopped it one day. He then measured BP after a week of stopping amlodipine totally and it was 120/68.

This is how diet achieved what four potent drugs could not. The community is fortunate to have registered MDs and top professionals from the Pharma industry in our midst. Their combined experience and in-depth knowledge of pharmacology add immense value to our knowledge base.

Congratulations Sajal! One more spectacular Indian success story – this being the first on hypertension reversal on an Indian ketogenic diet.

Update on 10th September, 2019

His latest BP is 110/65.

No medications.

Image Credit: Image provided by Sajal Viia Shashikant with permission to use it on our network of sites.


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