Indian Type 2 Diabetes Ketogenic Diet Success Story – Shashikant

Indian Diabetic On Ketogenic Diet Who Has Mastered The Art of Achieving A1C of below 5

Shashikant is one of three professionals, on, with long standing experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. He was diagnosed with Diabetes around three years back, with an HbA1C of 7.3. He tried everything from the all famous 800 kcal diet, to green juices, before settling with Indian LCHF diet. He is a classic example of:

If you’ve got the guts, you get the glory.

He is a vegetarian since birth, and now ovo-vegetarian by choice. Post-Diabetes, he included eggs in his diet, and then switched to KETO diet. He is one of seven followers of the Keto diet on, and has been on Keto for over 30 months now. That’s quite an intimidating feat for any ovo-vegetarian Indian, who would say that the ketogenic diet is quite tough. Well, he had the guts. And now, onto the glory part. He has been achieving an HbA1C in the band of 4.8% to 5.1%, consistently, year after year. His latest HbA1C in August 2018 is 4.7%. This is even more special, given the fact that his job demands frequent travel all over India. Despite eating 6 to 8 eggs a day, along with loads of butter, ghee and cheese, his arterial age is younger than his biological age. So he, like so many diabetics on the forum, busts the diet-heart theory every day, year after year. To fully appreciate this stalwart’s path-breaking journey, you need to go through his medical reports and read these threads chronicling (in descending order) his incredibly motivating story:

The Power of a Ketogenic Diet

Hba1c, PP Insulin & PPBS on 2nd May 2018

Good Control On Near Lchf Diet

Member Testimonial – shashikant

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Update Exactly four years from the day of diagnosis, here’s the update

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