Indian Type 2 Diabetes Reversal LCHF Diet Success Story – Dr Anil Handa

type 2 diabetes reversal on ketogenic diet

Dr. Anil Handa is a Type 2 Indian diabetic, 71 years young. He shuttles frequently between Pune and Cupertino. One of the highlights of his Indian LCHF diet & Nutritional Ketosis journey, as a means to manage his diabetes and general health, is that within a few weeks of his new lifestyle, he returned his left-over stock of Metformin and Statin drugs to the pharmacist, and took a refund. He has never needed to buy them again in the last 3+ years.

His success story cum testimonial thread is here. In his own words, here’s how it goes:

I used to accompany my mother for her Regular check-ups. She used to feel restless. She was 70 approx.
Just for the heck of it I asked the doctor to check my BP (we became friends). I too was given medicine for my BP.

I continued for a year or so. Medicine dose kept creeping up. Year 2009. On checking my Diabetic profile I was declared borderline Diabetes. Medicines prescribed. Soon my wife was also diagnosed for the dreaded disease. Time went on and so did my dose of medicines kept going up. After 2 yrs or so…………

I asked the doctor Sir when will I get cured? To my surprise he replied with a smirk on his face, slyly –
No this is going to continue lifelong.

This rang a bell. Dismayed and worried walked out. Dutifully continued my prescribed drugs. The doctor was not concerned. Started to Google and came across this site Dlife forum and many other sites. Nature cure, doctors with smoothies in Pune, Nature trips and smoothies in Bangalore. Long-wheat remedy etc. Jindal nature Cure.

Did not use any of the above. I strongly felt my medicines for BP and diabetes triggered my cholesterol. Statins were ordered. I have a feeling, actually I am quite sure the statins gave me pain on side of my thighs and also mild numbness.

DLife appeared to make sense. It propagated the idea of Low Carbs. Simple eat less of what is the cause.
And Diabetes is a case where it is not able to handle the carbs. It is nothing but common sense to reduce Carbs that cause your diabetes. I was convinced that I have found the answer.

Best available remedy to control your Diabetes is LCHF diet.

Quickly I came in contact with Anup ji on this Forum.

On this Forum learnt what LCHF is. Searched and followed the Low carb and High fat diet. No diabetologist will ever talk about it. I stopped going to a doctor, returned my Medicine (Gluconorm SR 500 mg). I had taken this for 2 yrs Doctor.

dx’d D2 Feb 2014
born 19 May 1947
present Hb A1C 5.4 to 6 
No Drugs No smoking
Whiskey/beer 2-3 times a month. Keto diet
Exercise very regular: Walks, Yoga, Resistance, push ups, dumbbells
Supplements Vit c 1000 mg, glutamine, Leptin, Xianthazin, marine coll Collagen II, BCAA, ALA, Magnesium glycinate, Haldi, oil, etc.

Now, he actively posts delicious recipes, the very ones that he lives by, and manages great health. He is also an inspiration for many who would like to build muscles and stay fit at any age. Age is just a number in the mind and he proves it on a daily basis.

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