Indian Type 2 Diabetes Success Story: Krishnaveni Reversed Her Diabetes on LCHF Diet

krishnaveni - Indian Type 2 Diabetes Success Story: Krishnaveni Reversed Her Diabetes on LCHF Diet

Dr. Krishnaveni is an Associate Professor with a specialization in Nuclear Physics.

She is a Type 2 diabetic since Feb 23, 2015, and her first post on the forum was on Jan 31, 2018: LCHF diet help.

During the course of her LCHF journey, she posted a short testimonial also: Member Testimonial – Krishnaveni.

Stating summarily, she dropped Glimepiride, and switched to just Metformin within the first few weeks of LCHF. On 16th August 2018, she posted two medical reports, pre-LCHF and post-LCHF. Here is the link to that thread:

After LCHF

The comparison of the two reports we leave for the users themselves to see. Along the course of her journey, she dropped weight by 8Kg, without any attempt to count calories or starve. True to being a professor from the science stream, she has patiently soaked all the information and discussions on the forum (while interacting less), put it into practice, and dropped her fasting insulin, triglycerides and A1C, while improving her kidney function, hsCRP and other things. Check on the above link for the two detailed medical tests reports.

We are sure that just as she dropped her A1C from 7.2 to 6.3, despite eliminating Glimepiride and only relying on Metformin, she will achieve an A1C of 5.6 max. going forward! Getting rid of Glimepiride is a great achievement, as that means no more torturing the pancreas to produce more insulin.

Image Credit: Image provided by Krishnaveni with permission to use on this post. We have resized it to get it to the correct ratio.


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  1. D

    I am curious – did you develop weight problems and high A1c as a vegetarian? and have you used a vegetarian LCHF diet?

    1. Anup Singh

      She is non vegetarian by diet.

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