Indian Type 1 Diabetes On LCHF Diet Success Story – Shalini

shalini 1170x650 - Indian Type 1 Diabetes On LCHF Diet Success Story - Shalini

Shalini is a juvenile diabetic since the age of 11 months. Now she is 12+ years old.

Her mother, Dr Sarala – Registered MD, posts on the forum, and is also one of the moderators/mentors.

Shalini has been on LCHF diet for more than 2 years now. Her success story has been posted on the forum in multiple parts, starting from 1 month on LCHF, to now over 2 years on Indian Low Carb High Fat diet, in different shades, which we all follow in

Instead of quoting snippets from the posts, we are directly linking them here, in chronological order of posting on the forum:

  1. Experiences After 1 Month Of Low Carb  — Posted on Feb 1, 2016.
  2. Experiences After 2 Months Of Low Carb  — Posted on Mar 1, 2016.
  3. Diabetic Insulin Dependent Child, 3 Months Lchf, No Cgm — Posted on March 31, 2016.
  4. Type 1 teenager, diabetic since age 1, more than 2 years low carb — Posted on April 7, 2018.

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Three things need special mention:

  1. Shalini has maintained an A1C in the 5.4 to 5.6 range throughout.
  2. She did not experience any DKA. So-called experts only know how to scare anyone with DKA.
  3. Dr Sarala, a registered MD, supports LCHF as a way of life for diabetics. Her word, besides that of two other doctors on the moderating team, is more than enough for anyone who has any doubts, or is being scared by the IGNORANT. WE or someone in our family is living that LIFE, and following medical reports.

If a type 1 child happily switched to LCHF diet at the age of 10, and has sustained it for 2+ years, then anyone can. Those who say that the LCHF diet is not sustainable in the long-term, are nothing but ignorant, and reading it out from promotional literature that comes to them from industry-funded research.

Shalini is a role model for any other diabetic who is currently waiting in the sidelines, only because they have been confused by conflicting opinions. Learn from the masters who have perfected the art and science of Indian Low Carb High Fat diet as a lifestyle.

Update on 24th January 2019: Shalini hits A1C of 5.0

13 year old Indian teenager, 12+ years type 1 diabetic, Hba1c 5.0!

Update on 29th October, 2019

14 year old type one girl, normal Hba1c, again! — hits A1C of 5.0 once again.

Update of Jan3, 2022

Teen going strong with Hba1c of 5.5

She was the first Type 1 (juvenile diabetic) on the forum. Subsequently, a few others have also joined and succeeded. If we get their pics, we shall surely post their story. Till then, check many more amazing success stories on the forum.

Image Credit: Image provided by Dr Sarala, mother of Shalini, with permission to use on this post. We have resized the image to fit the layout ratios.
Note: As a growing child, she is on a relatively higher amount of protein in diet.


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