Indian Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Success Story on LCHF KETO Diet – Meena

Meena Raju's Type 2 diabetes reversal success story on Indian Low carb High Fat - LCHF & Keto -- Diet.

The community section of this site was launched on 21st August, 2014 by Anup Singh. Meena was the second registrant on the forum and was already on the Indian Low Carb High Fat diet by then. For the next three days she conscientiously worked, along with HSD (third registrant), to populate content so the site wouldn’t look like a ghost town when we went live as a forum and community. The three of them toiled hard for three days to put up quality content on the forum before taking it live.

Once we were live, within a week, around 160 Indian diabetics, who were already sold on the idea of LCHF diet for managing diabetes and obesity, jumped ship from the other forum where Anup Singh used to talk about LCHF dietary interventions. The LCHF diet had amassed a loyal fan following amongst Indian diabetics during this period.

This prequel to Meena’s diabetes reversal success story intends to shine a spotlight on her role as a founding member of

Meena is a Type 2 Indian diabetic and as is the norm, went through the nightmare of increasing weight and poor blood sugar control despite increasing medications. At her doctor’s insistence, she had even tried going on an extremely low-fat diet (call it VEGAN?), but the despair continued.

She switched to an LCHF diet and was able to avoid Pioz that was prescribed to her. On LCHF finally, she lost around 9kg weight effortlessly and her blood sugar levels dropped to normal.

Being a working professional from a creative background in educational multimedia, she posted her testimonial as an interesting graphic in the following thread:

Member Testimonial – Meena

You can follow her journey as a diabetic, from a high carb low-fat diet to an Indian Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet, in her own words, in the audiovisual clip below:

Image & AV Credit: All images and AV file provided by Meena with a permission to use them on this site.


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