PreDiabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story On Indian Low Carb High Fat LCHF Diet: R Kanan

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Shashikant‘s success story of REVERSING HIS DIABETES has made him the go-to person, not just in his family but also amongst his colleagues. And, he has done it yet again. Hand held one of his friends to tame obesity and also get the pre-diabetic levels down the normal, without resorting to unnecessary pills.

As everyone on is aware, we do not believe in the terminology “Pre-diabetes” the way it is understood currently. However, we take an exception to this belief in this case for one reason — insulin levels, something which is never tested but we insist upon.

R Kanan’s insulin levels were not normal and here’s how the metrics were and are now, after being on LCHF diet for over seven months now:

  1. Fasting Insulin 16.4 units to 9.5 units
  2. PP insulin from 27 units to 25 units
  3. A1C dropped from 6 to 5.4
  4. Weight loss of 10 kg

Here’s what R Kanan had to say:

In about 2 weeks into this diet, I started to lose weight and gradual inch loss. I generally tend to eat well including sweets which I still try to cheat sometimes but would be tired and exhausted by end of the day. However, post getting into LCHF, my energy levels have gone up to the extent even at 7.00 p.m. people tend to ask me how do I look so fresh.

Some ask how I am able to skip breakfast or even diner sometimes but that’s the good part of this diet as you eat only when you are hungry. I also don’t feel the fatigue at work post lunch after having a good amount of this diet including attending meetings with the same level of energy as in the morning.

It is about 7 months into this diet now and have lost close to 10 kgs and have reduced my pot belly significantly and hip/shoulder size by more than 2 inches. Needed change in the wardrobe and sometime competing with my 19 year old son to the extent if the Shirt or Jeans belong to me or him. I am into intermittent fasting and don’t feel the urge for having food if I am not hungry.

I am able to think clearly and articulate situations with a quick turnaround which is helping me in my workplace. I still tend to cheat here and there but am conscious of what and how much I eat. True, it has some issues at social gatherings but the craving on carbs and sweets have come down drastically which is truly a good sign. People have started to see the change in my physical appearance though I have still to go some way on achieving a ideal weight.
Thanks to LCHF and Shashikant …..Indebted to you for bringing about this change.

R Kannan

Yes, we know that this would be labelled as “yet another anecdote” by the ignorant mainstream professionals. What else can they say when they lose a customer!

Here’s R Kanan’s story posted on the forum.

Congratulations Shashikant for ensuring that your friend got back to normal numbers, just by changing diet. LCHF & Keto rocks! and You are a rockstar already!

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Image credit: Provided by R Kanan through Shashikant, with permission to use the same on our network of sites


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