Sajith’s Amazing 25kg Weight Loss Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF Ketogenic Diet

sajith after - Sajith's Amazing 25kg Weight Loss Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF Ketogenic Diet

Preparing for competitive exams often pushes one into a sedentary lifestyle, not by choice. This is more so when the competitive exam in question is as tough as the IIT Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). This is so, as for the serious aspirant, getting into IIT becomes a constructive obsession – so one loses count of how many gallons of midnight oil was burned. It’s just a cycle of study, meals & sleep, which is repeated every day, 365 days a year. And, in the end, if one makes it to one of the most prestigious engineering institutions in the world — the IITs — it’s a great victory, the joy of which cannot be described in words.

This is precisely the story of Sajith, who is now in the second year of engineering at IIT Madras (now Chennai). He is a case of non-diabetic obesity, who lost a whopping 25 kg weight. He has been overweight since childhood, but in the 2 years of preparation for IIT-JEE, his weight increased by 20 Kg and the scale hit 100 kg. This is Sajith at 100 kg:

sajith before 210x300 - Sajith's Amazing 25kg Weight Loss Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF Ketogenic Diet

Relating his weight loss story, he says:

I tried many diet plans and exercise routines available on the Internet. I tried quite a few of them and none of them worked. One fine day, I tried to recollect all the best portions of each diet plan and put it together only to realise that the way forward is LCHF.

After getting into a strict zero carb routine, I realised the reason why LCHF works best for Indians:
The Indian diet is traditionally high in carbs, primarily suited for a lifestyle with high physical activity. Addition of refined carbs and processed foods into our diet has made matters worse. Refined/processed foods are made to be addictive so that people buy it again and again.

Every diet plan tries to solve this problem by cutting down sugar, processed foods etc., but LCHF goes a step ahead and does it in the best possible way:

Completely eliminating processed food and carbs ensures this addiction is solved completely. Increasing fat intake ensures satiety while letting go of the carbs.

Only issue with LCHF is the transition period from burning carbs as fuel to fat could be hard. One must not give up and fall back during the first week of transition. Things start to get easier after the first week. I lost around 20 kilos in a span of six months.

After around a year (by mid 2016), I lost the remaining 5 kgs and have maintained it ever since.

Here is my before & after photo:

sajith before after 300x246 - Sajith's Amazing 25kg Weight Loss Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF Ketogenic Diet

Well done Sajith!

He has penned an article on Intermittent fasting which is based on his own experience of losing a whopping 25 kg weight through dietary intervention. The so called obesity experts would have suggested Bariatric surgery. We are against all such expensive and dangerous surgical interventions when diet alone can fix the whole issue.

This is not just one case. We have many weight-loss success stories among diabetics too. The weight-loss ranges from 5 kg to 40 kg, just through diet — low carb high fat diet done the Indian way.

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