Shrikant’s Type 2 Diabetes Remission Success Story on IndianLCHF Diet – A1C 7 to 5.2

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Shrikantiyengar is Shashikant‘s brother. Shashi has been a role model for everyone, including his family members and friends, who always look up to him given his own success with the Keto diet as lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

Here’s Shrikant’s journey as posted on the forum:

“I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic in the month of May 2019 with an Hba1c of 7%
Fasting Blood sugar 108 mg/dl
PP Blood sugar 196 mg/dl
I had Central obesity and used to get tired easily. I used to sweat profusely

Shifted to Low carb diet with the guidance of Dlife members.
Started Metformin 500 at Night time.
Shifted to a Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet.

In July 2019
Hba1c was 5.5

In Dec 2019 the results as below:
Hba1c 5.2
Fasting Blood Sugar 81 mg/dl
Fasting Insulin 6.58 µU/ml
LFT, KFT, Thyroids healthy levels.
TG and HDL needs more improvement though
Weight down by 9 Kgs
Waist size reduced.
Energy level increased.
Excess sweating reduced.

All in all is an exhilarating experience and will improve further and maintain this for lifetime to avoid pills and all the diabetes related complications and adverse effects associated with medicines.
Thank you DLIFE for the timely guidance.”

Congratulations Shrikant.
Your success was assured the day Shashi took over. He is known as Keto King on and has made a difference in the life of countless diabetics.
Image Credit : Provided through Shashi with permission to use on our network of sites.


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