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Nandakumar M S is a Type 2 Diabetic from Hyderabad. He has a diabetes history of 31 years and is currently 65 years of age. His diabetes journey is no different than that of any other diabetic who has been relying on the specialists — ever-increasing drugs, finally insulin, and yet HbA1C nowhere near normal.

The exact details of medications that he was on, before setting out to explore the Indian Low Carb High Fat diet as a means of managing diabetes, and taming it effectively with the least possible dependence on drugs, is as follows (from his success story thread):

Pantoprazole – 40 mg x 1, Metformin – 1 gm x 2, Glimepiride – 2 mg x 3, Voglibose – 0.5 mg x 3, Teneligliptin – 20 mg x 1, Atorvastatin – 10 mg x 1 (anti-cholesterol), Metoprolol – 25mg x 1, Telmisartan – 20 mg x 1 (for angina), Insulin (Humalog 50:50 – 35 units/day). I was not using Basal insulin (in fact I did not even know about it) and so morning BS was always high with the resulting headaches and body aches!

Phew! That’s a lot of drugs indeed! Eight oral pills and 35 units/day insulin. Obviously, a few were to deal with the complications of maintaining elevated blood sugars. Elevated sugars, but the mainstream calls it good control. We in have different standards set for ourselves, and they are no different from those for a non-diabetic.

Finally, from  July 2017 he started his LCHF Journey. Nandakumar calls it nothing but “an unbelievable pleasant journey right through”.

Now I have eliminated almost all the oral medicines (within six months of starting LCHF) except for Metformin, Pantoprazole, and Metoprolol (for angina). Regular Insulin reduced to just 7-10 units per day. Also, I have started using Basal insulin (Levemir – 4-10 units per day), that keeps the spikes in the morning to a minimum level.

This is just the gist of the medications eliminated, and yet he is landing an HbA1C of 6.0%. Nothing better than reading his entire journey on the following thread on the forum:

LCHF – The Real Power For Managing Diabetes

It is all the more special for two reasons:

  1. 31 years of diabetes history.
  2. The courage to go against the mainstream dietary advice and WIN.

In the eyes of his peers, he must have been taking a RISK. But, as the saying goes for them (those who think the LCHF diet is a RISK):

No Risk No Gain.

After all, eliminating 5 pills and 20 units/day net insulin, despite 31 years of diabetes, is no mean achievement. And, surely it was not a risk when others on LCHF diet are around to hand-hold. It’s a risk for the fence-sitters!

Update in April 2019:

A1C 5.2

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