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Pragya was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the young age of 23. Obviously, no one would want to be in the “Diabetic Club”, especially not at this young age. But, for the brave hearts, Diabetes comes as a blessing in disguise.  Not just Diabetes, she quickly slipped into having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Both have one common enemy: INSULIN RESISTANCE.

Pragya did not take too long to decide that the Indian Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) way of living is what she would switch and adhere to, to fight this menace. And that’s what she did within a day of being told about it.

When interacting on another forum about the Long Wheat diet which supposedly cures diabetes (but doesn’t work in reality, it in fact sent me into malnutrition and caused me to have PCOS for few months); I interacted with Anup Singh who pointed out the tall false claims made about curing diabetes and guided me towards the lifestyle change called LCHF.

The simple, but flawless logic made perfect sense to me and within a day of trying it, my blood sugar levels went from 350 to 150 and after 3 months the Hba1c came crashing down to 5.7 too. The PCOS problem got resolved too as I resorted to eating loads of nutritious vegetables with every meal along with fats which are absolutely essential for a healthy menstrual cycle (and which you are forced to give up on a regular, doctor-advised extremely high-carb diet). VCO, Ghee, and Butter, and Cream over boiled vegetables, wheat crackers, and dry chapatis any day!! The fact that Fat makes everything way better and tastier is certainly an added bonus.

Her two threads in detail on the forum:

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Through her Indian LCHF recipes, she endorses the fact that Low Carb High Fat diet indeed is full of variety, even for a vegetarian. Here’s one set of recipes from her:

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