Diabetes Cure In Three Days To Nine Months – SCAM Alert!

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Diabetes CURE is a SCAM! Just like any other SCAM, it is a big market with many Diabetes Cure QUACKS flourishing while running this racket. But, it attracts the gullible, as they do not have any idea of what diabetes really is. They think that by taking these magic potions, they will be able to eat all the cornflakes they want, while guzzling fruit juices like a fish, and yet have normal blood sugars.

Claims of diabetes cure run from CURE in 72 hrs to CURE in nine months. Not just that, they even claim to CURE TYPE 1 diabetes. This is CRIMINAL and a SCAM. We look at why this is so.

Diabetes – Understand The Basics

A quick look at this article will give basic understanding about what diabetes is all about. Summarizing:

  1. Type 1 / Type 1.5 is an autoimmune disorder. Barring the initial honeymoon phase, where some endogenous insulin is still available, one has to be dependent entirely on exogenous insulin.
  2. Type 2 normally begins with over secretion of insulin, but it goes undetected, as no one tests fasting and postprandial insulin under normal circumstances. This “whipping the beta cells” to bring down blood sugar causes damage to the beta cells as well as obesity and a host of other health problems. Finally, by the time Type 2 is detected, a lot of damage is already done. The first phase of insulin response is largely lost.

Dead beta cells cannot be regenerated or brought back to life. This is the point one needs to understand when confronting QUACKS who claim to CURE DIABETES. Understand that diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate intolerance.

The Different Shades Of Diabetes Cure Scam

Since it’s a SCAM and many Get Rich Quick Blokes operate in this space, the Diabetes CURE Scam comes in different shades. Some of them are:

  1. Encouraging diabetics to consume fruit sugars (aka Fructose), because fructose doesn’t spike blood sugar. They go to the extent of claiming that Fructose based diet can cure Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in 72 hours. Only a Juvenile dressed as a diabetes expert would say that. Last year, one youtube video went viral just on this.
  2. All those dubious powders sold under different brand names. They are nothing but a huge waste of money.
  3. Diabetes Friendly food market. This is a MEGA scam. There is no such thing as “diabetes friendly” if it is carb-loaded. Just adding some additional fiber to the mix does not make anything diabetes-friendly. One such example is “Diabetes Friendly Flour“. Almost all big-and-small name companies are laughing away to the bank by fooling diabetics.
  4. Jamun seed powder, Doda paneer, Mango leaves, Moringa leaves, etc get pushed as some magic potion. Honestly, if one understands the basics of diabetes, one would know that this is nothing but a SCAM. If the word CURE gets added to it, then it is a BIGGER SCAM.
  5. Selling proprietary Ayurvedic mixes, syrups, and tablets with fancy names. All basically are the same stuff that is simply rehashed, re-branded, and repackaged. Does it help? Nope, Never, Nada. If John can drop blood sugar by 400 on “TVC Sky Shop” by gulping this crap just because Julie recommended it, then it is nothing but a SCAM. Remember, to drop blood sugar you need insulin. Is the insulin spiking because of these powders?
  6. Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki. Again this does absolutely nothing. Look at the science and not the claims.
  7. Eating RAW – The most horrible thing to tell a diabetic, or anyone. Mostly VEGAN experts (all claiming to be experts on China study) push this. Some even go to the extent of recommending eating 1 Kg cucumber in the morning. Well, why do that? Just drink 1 L water, as cucumber is nothing but 95% water.  These are the same guys who encourage eating even 1 kg mango (Fructose).
  8. Activating the pancreas: There are some so-called diabetes CURE magicians, who claim to activate the pancreas by feeding sweets. Won’t name them but this is UTTER NONSENSE. Diabetes is not at all about “SLEEPING PANCREAS”, that you can wake it up by subjecting it to the shock treatment of feeding loads of SUGAR.
The Way Forward

Once you realize and understand that diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate intolerance, then the way forward — both for Type 1 and Type 2 — is minimizing carb intake. This has been covered in detail in: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Low Carb High Fat Diet

Wrapping Up
  1. Diabetes is an incurable disorder, at least till the time of writing this article. So, stay away from QUACKS who claim to CURE Diabetes.
  2. Pushing up insulin levels in the blood to bring down blood sugar is counterproductive. None of these QUACKS who claim to CURE diabetes ever talk about the impact of their magical potions on insulin levels.
  3. Diabetes can be managed very well through dietary changes.

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