The Vegan Freak Show: Witchcraft, Sorcery and a Cure for Diabetes Type 1 & 2

witchcraft 1170x650 - The Vegan Freak Show:  Witchcraft, Sorcery and a Cure for Diabetes Type 1 & 2

Down the rabbit-hole and far, far away from the realm of science, there exists a parallel universe of Witchcraft, Sorcery and Magical Cures. Hordes of people are lured in here and a spell is cast with incantations such as “CURE for diabetes” and “Fructose Cure”. The degree of naiveté here is rivalled only by the degree of deception that supercharges the air at such gatherings.

The surface area for poaching the gullible is HUGE — almost unlimited. Every diabetic wants to eat cornflakes  and have fruit juice with toast in the morning. Diabetics fantasize about rotis made with diabetic friendly flour with a side of starchy vegetables cooked in diabetic friendly oil. They simply are not willing to accept that diabetes is a disorder involving an inability to process carbs.

This is where SCAMS of Diabetes ‘cure’ take birth. The unkindest cut of all is when a modern-day Witch Doctor in a white coat claims that he or she can cure Diabetes, even Type 1!There’s no dearth of such scamsters who claim to cure diabetes or reverse Type 1, in India.

The Vegan Warlocks of India

I have addressed this in a series of following articles:

  1. Fructose Diet To Cure Diabetes – Fact Or A SCAM?
  2. Diabetes Cure In Three Days To Nine Months – SCAM Alert!
  3. Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Cure in 72 Hours. The Diabetes CURE SCAMS?

In the last article of the above series, I exposed the mumbo jumbo, but stopped short of naming names. However, in continuation to that article, here I will name this swindler who pretends to be a doctor and spouts nothing but ‘scientific’ gibberish.

The ignoble person in question is Dr Biswaroop Roy Choudhary. I am bringing his VEGAN propaganda of curing diabetes (including Type 1), under a 9.4 Tesla scanner today. When there was opposition to the use of the word CURE from the medical and media fraternities in India, he started using the word remission / reversal instead. Type 1 diabetes remission? Seriously?

Here’s that brief video for you:

Witchcraft # 1 Sugar levels of 250 is fine & even Type 1 diabetes can be reversed

Either Biswaroop Roy Choudhary (henceforth I won’t use the prefix Dr) is blatantly fooling people, or he is an ignorant nincompoop himself. No one on this planet (or any other) can reverse Type 1. Yes, it is a fact that he is getting hold of Type 1 diabetics in their ‘honeymoon period’ and using them to convince everyone that his ‘magical’ theory is working. Has he ever asked for c-peptide or GAD 65 test reports?

Well, this high priest of ‘Diabetes Cure’ who pretends to know everything about diabetes will never bring up relevant lab tests, as his eyes are set on your pocket. I call him a scamster because any diabetic eating a kilo of mangoes and a dozen bananas surely must have a death wish of sorts. I’ve already exposed his “witchcraft” in a series of articles as noted above. Interestingly, someone from within the VEGAN bandwagon has also called his bluff (video later in the article).

First let’s get to his “blood sugar of 250 being fine” claim.

Biswaroop tends to depend a lot on what is typical of a VEGAN propagandist — “Selective” Appeal to Authority logical fallacy. Let me expand on this and quote from a large number of studies about the damage inflicted by blood sugars beyond 140 mg/dL. It would be pertinent to mention at this point, that no one at endorses peaks beyond 140 mg/dL as safe. We aim for  healthy blood sugars as per science instead of giving ear to the LIES of some Witch Doctor.

Now onto the dangers of being in denial. Biswaroop assures you that everything is hunky-dory — even at blood sugar levels of 250 mg/dL. Really?! ANY time blood sugar shoots beyond 140 mg/dl (and not just in the 2 hour postprandial phase), cellular damage is initiated. The devastating forms this damage can take are listed below section-wise:

Nerve Damage:

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Beta Cell Dysfunction:

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Cardiac Complications:

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Renal Complications:

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I could go on and on for several more pages, but I think this is plenty enough to convince Biswaroop to take his head out of the cloud and spend some time on really understanding the science. Fooling gullible diabetics with his trade-mark nonsense of mixing blood and fructose in a beaker/test-tube and then ‘revealing’ extraordinary numbers is neither scientific nor ethical.

Witch craft # 2 Eat 1 Kg Mangoes & 1 dozen Bananas:

Well, well, well! Now we know why Biswaroop claims that blood sugar up to 250 mg/dl is fine. Somewhere in one of his books he also suggests stopping all medicines once blood sugar is below HIS new and complicated blasphemous LIMIT. This is medical blasphemy- one that will have catastrophic consequences. You only need to look up the study links posted above to recognize the integral danger lurking in half-baked ideas. I won’t be surprised if he picked this number of 250 mg/dL from another vegan magician, Dr McDougall, who preaches that one should aim for blood sugar of 150 to 300 mg/dL

Biswaroop’s CLAIMS were debunked by another VEGAN diet proponent with “LIVE EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS”. This demonstration however, did not use test-tubes; here, test subjects were given ‘only’ 400 grams of fruits. The callousness with which Biswaroop recommends 1 Kg mango and 1 dozen bananas to diabetics, is shocking. Had they been administered a kilo of mangoes, one worries that many of the test subjects would have needed a shot of insulin at the one-hour point.

Here goes the counter again:

Witch Craft # 3 Directive to not eat Mangoes is ‘The LIE of 100 years’

Here you see the common trick employed by VEGAN proponents in action — Appeal to Emotions logical fallacy. He is just voicing what you are happy to hear. As a diabetic, you would definitely want to eat that forbidden fruit. Getting the nod to eat one whole kilo of mangoes may seem like a dream come true. Only, that dream quickly turns into a nightmare with a frightening finality. Little do you realise that you are committing slow harakiri. Love your eyes, kidneys and heart – don’t get sucked into this vortex of lies and misinformation.

Did Barnard Reverse Type 2 Diabetes of 49 patients on a VEGAN diet?

All the diet magicians in India who claim to have reversed diabetes on a VEGAN diet are followers of one of the three: Dr Barnard, Dr McDougall or Dr Greger. Now here’s a pictorial representation of a study by Barnard:


barnard graph - The Vegan Freak Show:  Witchcraft, Sorcery and a Cure for Diabetes Type 1 & 2


All I can say is that the VEGAN diet started failing from the 22nd week onwards. Tsk tsk! Forget about diabetes reversal, (A1C of < 6.5) he could not even achieve anything lower than 7.3%.

It would be interesting to note that member Susan tried following Greger’s VEGAN diet and McDougall’s Starch solution vegan diet with disappointing results. VEGANISM failed her big time. It was only on our Indian LCHF diet that she managed to go off all insulin and finally hit A1C of 6.0.

VEGANISM – a Diet Of Artificial Deprivation

Unlike Biswaroop, I prefer to base my facts on science and not pseudo-science. Here’s a table from the same Barnard study that I quoted above.

barnard table - The Vegan Freak Show:  Witchcraft, Sorcery and a Cure for Diabetes Type 1 & 2


Do you see that both the diets ultimately were HYPOCALORIC? What was the study trying to prove? For me, both the arms were a classic case of epic FAIL. VEGAN trends follow the Standard Diet. There is nothing substantially different between the two diets – nothing in fact, which warrants a celebratory jig for a VEGAN ‘win’.

Biswaroop also recommends eating up to 1kg cucumber. WOW, just wow! Why not have 960 ml plain water instead? Cucumber is nothing but 96% water. Can you see how cunningly he tries to take you to a hypocaloric zone while making you believe that his one-kilo-mangoes with a sprinkling of fairy-dust is reversing your diabetes?

The impact of this “artificial deprivation” is that Kanchan Khanna kept losing weight despite not wanting to lose weight. She lost 20 kg weight and yet her diabetic numbers did not budge. Obviously with such a FORCED weight loss, muscle loss is bound to be happen.

Another hogwash geared toward artificial deprivation is — EAT RAW. What nonsense is this? Does Biswaroop know the difference in bioavailability between raw carrot and cooked carrot? I am sure he doesn’t want you to know. Not just bioavailability: how safe is it to eat raw cabbage, spinach or cauliflower in India? Biswaroop would definitely not want to delve into those areas. After all, his focus apparently is to beat P C Sorcar AND Harry Potter at magic tricks.

Glycemic Index Is Outdated

Many, including VEGAN experts, talk of GI more often than not, without really understanding the nuances. GI is gloriously useless. Here’s why?

Wrapping Up
  1. Fructose beyond 15 to 20 grams a day is BAD for diabetics. Lower the better. Fructose is found in the plant kingdom and it never exists as 100% fructose, which is a double whammy.
  2. Fructose is bad for the liver. Those with NAFLD should never ever be touching fruits till numbers are normal.
  3. Fructose is bad from a Uric Acid point of view. Get off it instead of following Biswaroop’s theory of eating 1 Kg Mango and 12 bananas. Surely you would go bananas after a year or two, if not sooner.
  4. Blood sugar above 140 mg/dL at 1 hr and more than 120 mg/dL at 2 hrs after meals is certainly not good news. Large number of studies referenced above.
  5. Don’t believe Biswaroop when he tells you to stop medicines at blood sugar levels of 250 mg/dL. He has nary a clue about what diabetes is and what damage these high blood sugars can do. Wake up and smell the coffee.
  6. Diabetes is all about an inability to handle carbs. This is where the LCHF diet steps in: it has turned around the lives of more than 200 Indian diabetics so far, on this site.
  7. Type 1 is simply not reversible. Every Type 1 will have to depend on insulin life-long. During the initial honeymoon phase you may feel that Biswaroop’s MAGIC is working. Going by Barnard’s (Godfather of every vegan doctor in India) study, it is bound to fail on Type 1 when it failed on Type 2. Failure is certain.
  8. Another VEGAN doctor exposed how horribly wrong Biswaroop’s take on fruits for diabetics is.
  9. Eating fruits will surely SPIKE your blood sugar. Biswaroop’s theory is a LIE of the MILLENIUM.
  10. It doesn’t take much time or effort to form an “Indo Timbuktu Medical Board” (with no involvement of Govt Of India or Timbuktu) and get yourself a mail-order PhD. You can even try for a PhD in Nutrition from Somalia of all the places. You even get to dress for the role while playing doctor-doctor?! You’re on a roll now, why stop? Award yourself with a PhD from some parallel operation like WRU UK to complete the deception.

NO, we’re NOT impressed!

As an engineer, I trust my engineering intellect and reject outright the utter trash that is peddled to diabetics with the label of a ‘healthy, wholesome diet’. This is based on my personal experience as a Type 2 into my 8th year on ZERO medications, with an A1C of 5.6 max.

200+ resounding success stories at validate my stand every day, day after day.

Note: Through this article, it is my aim to be an eye-opener to diabetics who are being fooled into eating 1 Kg mangoes and 1 dozen bananas. I had to mention Biswaroop’s name as he is the culprit hawking this nonsense. All opinions expressed are my personal views and I am willing to thrash it out with him on any open platform.


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