Yogesh Dixit — Certified Low Carb Nutrition Coach

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Yogesh Dixit:

Founder at eatRightMonk | A Certified Lowcarb & Sports Nutritionist | Lifestyle Coach | Certified NLP Practitioner | Fasting Proponent | Bio-hacker |

Yogesh is an engineer, ex-IT Professional, most importantly one more warrior to put T2D (Diabetes) in remission. Amongst Movers & Shakers of Indian Low Carb Space who have done the Diploma in Low Carb Nutrition.

eatRightMonk are Lifestyle Reset Programs focused to improve trainees’ (individual’s) metabolic health including fat loss & improve sports performance (recreation level). Yogesh helps trainees remit metabolic disorders such as T2D, Hypertension, PCOD / PCOS, Deranged Thyroid & LIPID Profile etc.

At the heart of his program is a Science-backed Low-carb dietary intervention, coupled with adaptive strength training activities.
eatRightMonk is driven by passion, is a deep and intense process, with the goal to bring a mindset change that will help trainees to
improve their health & fitness that can stay with them for their lifespan.

All his programs are totally personalized & conducted through 1-on-1 Video sessions. These are conducted not just for individuals, but work wonderfully well for couples & families too.

You can access success stories of hundreds of metabolic remissions & fat-loss at his social media handle eatRightMonk at
Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

On YouTube, with the same eatRightMonk handle, you can access quite a few educational videos where Yogesh has explained
in detail nuances about Lowcarb.

Finally you can find most of these details at one place on his website : https://eatRightMonk.coach

You can also connect with Yogesh by submitting a small form on his website https://eatrightmonk.coach/contact/

His Program Structure at a quick glance:

Based on trainees health & other goals and requirements, Yogesh help design 4 key lifestyle elements, which are : Nutrition/Food, Supplements, Workout & Daily Schedule. The program covers:

  • Creating a schedule (taking into account individual occupational requirement)
  • Designing composition of food (more nutrient dense foods)
  • Initial coaching (3-4 hrs) to understand “Whys and How’s of Lowcarb & Exercise Science”
  • Mentoring and hand-holding on an on-going basis throughout the program
  • Weekly video call follow up (45 – 60 mins) & daily WhatsApp checks
  • Recommendations (Product links) for nutritious grocery and supplements across geographies
  • Access to curated recipes & workout playlists on his YouTube channel

His Case Studies Discussions on dLife.in Channel